TANKA 22: Nostalgia



Spring is drawing near
Earth will be filled with cheers
Guess it can’t be helped
To cherish the memories we’ve shared
Everytime this season appears

Cheers to my 22nd TANKA poetry so far! I am more than happy to partake in this wonderful activity hosted by a friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. For instructions, kindly click here. Have nice week!

8 thoughts on “TANKA 22: Nostalgia

    1. When I think about Spring, I can’t help but feel cheerful. for me, it connotes, new beginnings, a promising adventure in our journey called life. Thank you for a wonderful feedback. May God bless you also.


    1. Thank you, Miriam. It’s Summer here in the Philippines and it’s so hot, makes me wanna dive in and submerge in the pool for a whole day. Right now, temperature is reaching 39 degree celsius, good luck to me.

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