TANKA 22: Nostalgia



Spring is drawing near
Earth will be filled with cheers
Guess it can’t be helped
To cherish the memories we’ve shared
Everytime this season appears

Cheers to my 22nd TANKA poetry so far! I am more than happy to partake in this wonderful activity hosted by a friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. For instructions, kindly click here. Have nice week!

TANKA 20: Sakura


Smile that blossoms like cherry
A flower that radiates positivity
Spring brings us all sheer bliss
And wipes all our fears, our bitterness
Truly a season we’d hate to miss

Cheers to another TANKA poetry day! The photo prompt above makes me more than excited to write a poetry. Thank you, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer for hosting such a wonderful blogging event. Joining this every week brings me joy and makes me feel accomplished.

I would be more delighted to read other entries, for instructions kindly click here.

TANKA 17: Dwelling


The burst of greens
Fresh air that lingers within
A dose of own’s medicine
Burnt bridges, cherished things
Home for souls with shattered wings

Time to stretch my mind after doing household chores. Truly, this is such a wonderful mind exercise and the photo prompt is just fascinating! You may also want to try this, for instructions kindly click here. I’m so excited to read your entry and your comment with my work. Let’s all have a good time!

TANKA 16 : Nature


Nature‘s a double-edged sword
Global warming‘s one of its wraths unfold
Cost of our abuse untold
Unleashing its power which is tenfold
Just as its beauty our sight behold

It’s been several weeks that I am unable to write a TANKA poetry and I’m not feeling good about it. It seems that my mommy duties got in the way but at least I can catch up. I’m so excited to share this entry and even more excited to read yours. For instructions, kindly click here. Good luck!

For the Love of Flowers

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Life is like a flower
When we don’t take care of it,
it can wither and die
-Davene Taylor

Ever since I’ve learned how  to appreciate goodness, I’ve always been a fan of flowers. I always marvel  at its exquisite beauty. Its different varieties, various colors and appearances not to mention their scents, never fail to fascinate me. Truly, the effect of flowers in  my being is more than positive –  it reaches the depths  of my soul, quenches my thirst for goodness, lighten emotional burden, and reminds me of an Almighty God, who deeply love all His creation. Even my theme for #atozchallenge April 2016 is a poetry with titles from the 26 letters of the alphabet with images of flower/s in relation to the meaning of each piece. Continue reading “For the Love of Flowers”

When I was One and Twenty


When I was one and twenty
I believed I knew enough plenty
I left the world of novice
As soon as I tasted a man’s kiss

Gifted not only with physical beauty
But also with a mind so witty
I became an object of other girls’ envy
But a victim of such vanity