My Monthly Memories: JUNE 2019



I don’t think I am hard to love or the opposite sex either. Maybe it just seems difficult because I haven’t found someone who will reciprocate my feelings. It’s been about one year, three months, and 3 days now but his piercing brown eyes still warms me up inside. I cannot help but smile at the thought.

It’s the third week of July now, I am supposed to write #mymonthlymemories post every first week of each month but the demands of being a single mother, freelance life, and a housekeeper always gets in the way. Well, enough for procrastination. I am now in the mood and I hate to lose the momentum.

June is the opening of a new School year here in the Philippines. Thus, parents, teachers, and students are busier this month. This is also an expensive month, so to speak. Should I say that this month is productive in a way? Most probably. I am grateful to God for all His mercy and grace. He willed the father of my children to support us the best way he can especially when it comes to our financial needs. I did mention that I lost my main source of income and though I already landed a new work from home job, it barely supports even our daily needs as well as our utility bills. As of this writing, I am waiting for my second client to train me so I can start working for him tomorrow. Life nowadays is quite tough but we’re keeping up. Thank God.


Before we continue, let me tell you that this is in response to a blogging event hosted by a gorgeous blogger, Basant She of The Socially Anxious Extrovert. She started this three years ago and ever since, I always take part. Looking back is but a part of my everyday life. it helps keep my sanity and makes me more human. Nostalgia is really a wonderful thing. If you find yourself in need of sharing your monthly memories or just wanted to read articles like this, I encourage you to check this link. I’d be delighted to read your comments or entries.

June is better compared to last month, I must say. It may not be the best month of the year so far but at least things are starting to fall into place. I know I still fall short when it comes to my blog but I have never been this optimistic. I realized that I don’t need to wait for a good mood to write, sometimes, I also need to tell myself that I’ve got to do things I have to do. Mind over matter, right? Strong will, determination, and a get-go attitude. These are the things I must recite every single day to keep me going and to be more productive.


Now, I’d hate to end this post without sharing my personal feelings these days. This blog is all about random thoughts, after all. This time, I won’t talk about heartbreaks, loneliness, tears, or any negative feelings. My overall mood is so wonderful that my heart and mind don’t have any room for them at the moment. Yesterday, we celebrated my mother’s 65th birthday (it’s three days late, should be last July 18th). I was reconnected with my estranged younger sister and I couldn’t be happier. I am so grateful to God for this opportunity and for making me realize I’ve finally moved on. Truly, all good things work for those who trust God and obeys Him. I’ve totally made peace with the past and is now moving forward positively. I now have someone other than my children who makes me smile every day. I still find it odd, though, that a person I haven’t met physically will have this big impact in my life. That a simple Hi, Hello, or How are you could brighten my whole day. Funny, isn’t it? Sixty to ninety seconds of 1,440 minutes a day is more than enough to make me happy. I am definitely loving the attention. My distant salmon, I hope you recognize this. hearing your broken English always warms my heart. I hope you won’t change.

That’s it for last month. July is getting better each passing day. Cheers to us all!



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