Weekly Quotes To Ponder 56

We, people, did things in our lives we’re not proud of, things that we’d rather keep buried in the deep recesses of our whole being.  Experiences we’d rather not tell a soul. It’s not lying, it’s not a bad thing either, in fact, it is one way of being kind to ourselves, a way of cutting ourselves some slack. To force a person to share his/her everything is imposing and in my own opinion, a little bit rude. Besides, it is impossible that a person is capable of telling another his absolute truth. With this being said, I came into an understanding that we can only know the person so much. That we will only know the things that this person allows us to know about him/her and with their actions or body language.


I crossed path with a very interesting person recently. From the moment I’ve laid eyes on his profile photo online to the moment I met him in person, the gravity of attraction is intense I was caught off guard. He’s not good looking alright but there’s something welcoming with the way he smiles, with the way he looks at me, and the way he opens his mouth when he speaks. It was a brief encounter and I don’t even know if it will happen again but deep down I wish it will.

I am the kind of person who always faces reality no matter how hard it may be. I know that self-deceit is tantamount to fake happiness. Does this means, I cannot play make-believe? That I cannot pretend I am someone I am not? Or escape reality for a while and indulge in a role play with another human being? Well, the answer depends on the way I feel about that other person. At 39, I learned that to live for the present moment is the best way of finding genuine joy and happiness. That wonderful and amazing moment shared with others, those inexplicable feelings of elation is worth all the troubles. These are genuine encounters with people that may or may not stay in our lives and that’s perfectly fine. There are no guarantees in this world. We could only make the most of everything we have, hold on to something that makes us happy as much as we can because, in the end, it will eventually pass like sands we try to hold with our bare hands.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post and I’d be delighted if you leave a comment about your thoughts on the quote above. This is a Weekly post in my blog that I sometimes fail to accomplish due to my busy schedule. Have a wonderful weekend to us all.



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