Who’s That Sentimental Fool?

QUOTEDI am a ‘sentimental fool’… in Greek Mythology, I consider myself a descendant of Mnemosyne (The Goddess of Memory). I love to keep memories: a note from someone special, my grades since high school until college, greetings cards from family and friends, bookmarks, books and novels I love to read, and even different articles and poems. I cannot say that I am fond of collecting stuff but I have this sense of keeping missives and reading them one by one when I have a spare time. It keeps my sanity amidst adversaries and keeps me entertained.



I love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…


I am a mother of four beautiful people: two girls and two boys. I am an optimistic type of person, I always look forward positively especially when there’s a lot of not so good things that are happening around me. I am an impulsive buyer, so saving is one of my pet peeves. Sleeping for me is a form of luxury, simply because I am a nocturnal person and I’ve been working the graveyard shift for about ten years now. Eating delicious food is one of my happiest moment. Thus, I don’t care about my figure (my children always tease me since I do have a big tummy).

I write not only to speak what’s on my mind and heart but more to share a part of my soul. Blogging for me serves as a stress-reliever and a source of joy and happiness. I want to express my views about life and love with a hope to inspire others through this medium. I strongly believe that we always have a choice to be happy amidst all circumstances and be thankful to our Almighty God each day.


A memory keeper, a trapper of time…


41 thoughts on “Who’s That Sentimental Fool?

  1. I appreciate your comment honestly. It’s good to know that you were able to understand what it speaks. This blog is really dedicated to my two daughters : Erhyn and Ireh. They’re my primary inspiration in making a blog. I am so proud of them.


  2. Hey there, I was wondering if you would be interested in participating in a blogging event I have just created called My Monthly Memories. It’s about creating an archive for you and your audience through monthly posts, I would love it if you would partake. You can find all the information here: https://thoughtsofasociallyanxiousextrovert.wordpress.com/my-monthly-memories-monthly-blogging-event/
    Thanks again!

    Basant She


    1. I love book reviews especially about life and love. I would definitely read your review as soon as possible. Though I can receive notifications about your recent posts, I would still want to express my gratitude in the fact that you took time to invite me. Best wishes and keep it up!


  3. I love your header photo too,i’m totally a rainbows and butterflies kinda girl 😉 Its great that your girls are your inspiration I can so relate to that.Looking forward to reading more of your posts.Thank you for the follow;-)

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  4. It’s having the choice that I love. We were all blessed with the power to choose. What a loving generous God Jehovah is. He has given me the responsibility to take care of myself in this life, and the tools with which to do so. Thank you Dear Father.

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    1. I agree that ‘free will’ is a gift from God Almighty but along with it comes great responsibility. While we are free to choose what we want or love, we are to face the consequences of each and every choices we made in this life. Thank’s for dropping by!

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