TANKA 17: Dwelling


The burst of greens
Fresh air that lingers within
A dose of own’s medicine
Burnt bridges, cherished things
Home for souls with shattered wings

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TANKA 16 : Nature


Nature‘s a double-edged sword
Global warming‘s one of its wraths unfold
Cost of our abuse untold
Unleashing its power which is tenfold
Just as its beauty our sight behold

It’s been several weeks that I am unable to write a TANKA poetry and I’m not feeling good about it. It seems that my mommy duties got in the way but at least I can catch up. I’m so excited to share this entry and even more excited to read yours. For instructions, kindly click here. Good luck!




My jaw just dropped
A wonder before my eyes
Seasons to behold
Animals within my grasp
Caused me delight I can’t outlast.

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TANKA 13:Worthy


Staring back at me
A stranger in the clear waters
Tears dripping like crystals
Couldn’t hold back a smile
Being free is worth all sacrifice!

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Pathway of blinding light
Summons me as I lost my sight
A long forgotten past
Came crashing hard and fast
Experience of an out cast

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TANKA 11: Pissed

Time for another TANKA poetry challenge folks. Here’s my take:

The swell in my eyes
Foamy waves and darkened skies
Are my wrath in disguise
Beware lest I caught you off guard
I’ll surely tear you apart


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TANKA 10: Cheers


It’s a sheer delight
To be filled with broad daylight
A glass of beer, sharing cheers
Happiness beyond compare
It’s summer time again!

Here’s my take for this week’s TANKA poetry challenge. For full instructions kindly click here or visit Ramblings of a Writer. I’m certain you’ll enjoy reading her blog. Good luck!

TANKA 9: Survival

Kill or be killed
Which one would you prefer?
Games of life’s not for the weak
Fight like birds that have beak
Though your chances are bleak.

game Birds.jpg

I just can’t help but partake in this wonderful TANKA poetry challenge hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. You may want to stretch your mind and find delight in reading other’s entry. For instructions, kindly click here. I’d look forward to it, thank you in advance!


Sands of time be mine
Leaves that falls one by one
Autumn of my wrecked heart
Revealing yet another art
A promising chapter yet to start



Here’s my take for this week’s TANKA poetry challenge. If you’d like to check how this wonderful activity goes, kindly click here. This weekly event is hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. Have a wonderful day everyone!


TANKA 7: Alone


Droplets of rain
Drenched her with pain
It’s water, tastes bittersweet
While she walked down the streets
Her thoughts run so deep

Here’s another photo prompt that made made my day! Another TANKA poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger – Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. For instructions, kindly click here. I can’t wait to read your take. Hoping that you’d enjoy reading mine. Good luck!