My Monthly Memories: December 2K16

yellow-bloomI love those random memories
that makes me smile
no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…



What I feel at this very moment is so profound, I’m afraid I can’t find a word to express it. However, writing gets the better of me. I find it irresistible at times, truly there’s something that’s waiting to explode. The year 2016 is finally over. That fast! And here I am, left with so many thoughts and overwhelming feelings I could hardly catch my breath.


Anyhow, life never stops as long as we’re breathing, so might as well choose to live and be merry. This is in response to a blogging event hosted by a beautiful blogger, Basant She called, #mymonthlymemories. A wonderful way to take note of the things that you want to cherish and reminisce, right? I’ve been doing this for 12 months now and I am more than happy to have come this far. This last entry in 2016 would also serve as my Year-End Review for my blog.


This blog is actually five years old but I have not written article/s until January of this year. My very first entry is an assignment for Blogging 101, entitled, Me and Myself. That blogging event did more than teach me the basics of blogging but also served as a trigger to push through with fulfilling my long-time dream to be a blogger. Something that brought me joy and happiness, something I would be proud of and cherish for the rest of my life.

A homebody and a nocturnal person that I am, I find peace and delight in writing articles and poetry ever since high school. I’ve kept those by myself and never grew tired of reading them over and over again like a litany whenever time permits. As I approached maturity, I realized, why not share it with others? It may entertain, inspire, and give hope in away. I do agree that random acts of kindness, no matter how small can at least touch another soul and make someone feel cared for. That’s what we all want, right? Someone to make us feel we exist. Talking about existence, a big shout out to all 328 bloggers who followed my blog. I may not be able to write all your names but I want to express how grateful I am that you took an interest. And to all those who stumbled upon my articles and poems, who spared a minute or two to read, like, and comment, I thank you all. You people add inspiration for me to keep on sharing a part of my soul. Furthermore, I cannot help but mention few bloggers who keep up with my blog ever since I started writing and considered them not only avid followers but more as friends, I would be delighted if you’d take time to visit/check their blogs:

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This may belong already but please forgive me if I would also want to share some of my articles and poems that I find special and worth reading. You’d definitely  put a smile on my face if you spare a couple of minutes of your precious time to check them out:

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I’m almost done and I am more than satisfied and happy.  December indeed is one of the busiest and yet fulfilling month last year. I am only able to write 6 articles, I failed to partake with blogging events that I usually join every week. But one thing I’ve learned, we can only do what we can so whenever opportunity knocks, I grab it and make the most of it.

Another year has come, another chance is given by God Almighty to make our life worthwhile and use it to help others the best way we can and be happy no matter how tough our journeys might be. Once again, thank you all and God bless!




Death Note : I’m Hooked

Hi there people! Literally, I am hooked up with watching Anime’s these past few days that I find it hard to devote an ample time to write in my blog. Another thing is, I don’t really want to write for the sake of writing because for me, I wouldn’t be able to offer you something with more substance and I don’t want that.




Since we’re talking about Anime, I would like to share a few quotes from the most recent show that I’ve watched in YouTube – Death Note. This would also be an attempt to share my thoughts about the story as a whole – something like a review, but not exactly (I am not into reviews, actually). I just can’t help but say something about this amazing and mind-boggling show.



Death note is not your typical anime series. Its storyline is brilliant and somewhat unique in a sense that it presents the viewers a highly debatable theme about morals and justice. The concept itself is interesting, the main characters are amazing – Light Yagami and L. The battle of two geniuses and the cat and mouse chase scenes would leave you dropping your jaw and twisting your minds.



If you want to be entertained in your free time, and you’re into anime thingy, I highly recommend you watch this show. I’m certain it’s worth a try.



My Monthly Memories: September 20K16

Time for my monthly recap. I’ve never been this excited to share what transpired about my life (especially blogging) last September. Obviously, I’ve written more articles and never missed writing a poetry challenges that I do partake weekly – Three-lining and TANKA poetry.


This is also an event I always look forward to every month called My Monthly Memories hosted by a pretty blogger, Basant She. If you’d like to join, you may want to click here for instructions. There’s no better way to keep track of your month’s progress other than keeping an archive of what happened that month, right?



I love those random memories that make me smile no matter what’s going on in my life right now



Sometimes, we’d rather keep ourselves busy than entertain problems and emotional burdens. There were even times, we chose to be silent than retaliate from the pain that other people inflicted on us. That’s our own way of taking care of ourselves, I believe. These are the things that I did last month – write whenever there’s opportunity, talk with friends who is more than willing to listen, eat delicious foods, watch Anime’s together with my children. And I would say, these are more than therapeutic. After doing those things, I not only regained strength but also gave me a substantial boost to start and face another day with hope and dedication. I can’t thank God enough for all of these.

I would also like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all those fellow bloggers who, in one way or another empathize with how I feel once they’ve read my post, not to mention taking time to like, and comment. Geesh! You’re all awesome. Truly, blog-o-sphere is full of genuine people who share the same passion – sharing and reaching other’s soul.

I guess, this is it for now. By the way, I would be delighted if you’d check one of my favorite articles last September – A Captured Heart. Here I am, looking forward to a more promising October. Hopefully, for all of us deserves it.