Once In A Lifetime

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He’s long gone yet his smell still lingers
I still feel his touch in my dreams
His fading footsteps as he walks away
I can’t open my mouth to beg him to stay
I cried a river that very day
Can’t stand looking at the doorway
My life fell apart yet he’s etched in my heart
Is this love more than lust?
The burning desire in our eyes
Our touch, it’s hotter than fire
Seventh heaven in an instant
Am I meant to love him from a distance?
He’s taken, I can’t stand a chance…

Top Ten Songs In My List

brokenWhenever I find time, I make it a point to listen to my favorite songs. I find it relaxing, boosts my spirit and inspires me especially when things that’s going on at the moment is not  in my favor. I don’t know if you’ll find it odd or weird but I prefer sad love songs. These songs deeply touches me, and detoxifies my soul.

I am no singer but I can sing. I may not have a great voice but some people told me that I am good. Today, I would like to share the top 10 songs in my list with matching lyrics courtesy of YouTube. Hopefully, I will be able to spread the good vibes I have to jump start your day:

  1. Where Do Broken Hearts Go
  2. Almost Over You
  3. I’ll Never Get Over You Getting Over Me
  4. I Don’t Want You To Go
  5. Lost Without Your Love
  6. Didn’t We Almost Have It All
  7. Love Takes Time
  8. Unbreak My Heart
  9. Because of You
  10. Listen to your Heart

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People say
you don’t know
what you’ve got
till it’s gone.
Truth is,
you knew what you had,
you just never thought
you’d lose it.