Monday Morning Melts: That Thing Called Love


She is a nocturnal person. She prefers to do things in the middle of the night when the world is fast asleep. While it is true that she hates distractions, she is also fond of hearing the sound of silence – the snore, the creek in the bed, and even someone who talk while sleeping. Odd isn’t it? But that’s the way she is.

He seldom had a sound sleep, he could hardly bring himself to sleep, to begin with. And when he does, he can wake up so easily even with the sound of one’s breath beside him. This is also odd, at least with her opinion.

Imagine what would happen when these two individuals live in one roof, sharing one bed. Miss insomniac would definitely have a hard time to move a muscle if she wants him to enjoy the luxury of good night sleep. And yet, she was able to do that for more than twelve years because of that thing called love.

In love, the sky is the limit. It is not only a feeling, but it is also actually more of a decision. When one is willing to give way and give up his/her own comfort for the sake of others without expecting anything in return. When one is contented and happy to see his/her significant other living a good life, having good health, and wearing a smile every day. Unrequited love surely hurts like hell, yet one could still feel happy with it. We couldn’t force someone to love us in return no matter how big our sacrifices are. We could only hope that they’d let us show how much we care. While we cannot control others feelings toward us, we can control how we react with their actions. We always have the power to choose our own attitude towards other people. At the end of the day, random acts of kindness, no matter how small radiates positivity in all directions.

Here’s hoping to share my thoughts with you all. This is inspired by Monday Morning Melts hosted by fellow bloggers, Jade, and Rosema for this week’s ‘Song Prompt’ entitled, As Long As You Love Me. This song had me dance while watching. There you go!

Monday Morning Melts: Your Choice

Monday Morning Melts is  here again! I’m glad I can catch up. I feel sorry not to be able to partake last week. Anyhow, today’s ‘Song Prompt’ would be Jason Mraz – In Your Hands. This is actually the first time that I’ve heard this song and I could say that the lyrics is great and it’s beat is soothing to the ear. Perfect for moments of silence and meditating.

Here’s my take, hope you’ll like it:


Never would I deceive myself
Though my love for you can’t be helped
Can’t afford to live a lie
Faking others that you are mine
I could give you all I have
Everything, so don’t ever doubt
But know you can still be free
If you don’t want to stay you can flee
Keep me ’cause you love me
Reasons other than that, won’t suffice…

Monday Morning Melts: SERENDIPITY


I’ve never felt this way before
A smile that makes my heart explode
Stare that touches my very soul
Kisses that takes me to places unexplored

A total stranger
Swept me off my very feet
Caught me off guard
Never thought I’d fall so hard

That burning desire
I couldn’t quench in all my might
Ever since that starry night
Thoughts of you never left my sight

Oh helpless me!
And yet I’ve never felt this happy
Take me now, all of me
You and I were meant to be!

This is in response to Monday Morning Melts hosted by Jade and Rosema. The first song lyrics  prompt is actually one of my favorites – If You’re Not The one by Daniel Bedingfield. Hopefully my poem says it all!


3Line Tales 33: Destiny

A once in a lifetime climb
With your hands holding mine
Atop this tower our fates entertwined.

photo by: William Bout

Here’s my take for this week’s Three Line Tales. Come and join us and enjoy reading and writing a brief tale out of an amazing photo prompt. For instructions, kindly click here.

Under Spell

yathoriRidiculous it may sound
I must admit it’s profound
But whenever I’m down
When I’m wearing a frown
Or alone in a town
You act more than a clown
Bring my feet on the ground
You are one of a kind
I don’t mind if I’m blind
As long as you’re by my side
With our love I take pride
It’s worth all of the ride!

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 27

In about 10 months of blogging, I already made 200 posts and have 265 followers. Time fleets so fast, sometimes I could hardly keep up. Today is another ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ moment. And I’m on my 27th post so far. Amazing!




I stumbled upon my daughter’s laptop while cleaning her room, she sometimes leaves it open when she’s in a hurry. Google chrome window is still open, I couldn’t help but check what website it’s on. I found this – May I Lick It Off For You?. This is some kind of short story or article written by her in a certain website. I know she’s into writing and I am actually the first one who encouraged her to continue doing it. After reading, I realized how far she improved with her grammar and I think she even found her niche as early as now. However, I am a bit anxious about the stories or fiction she’s writing about. For me, it’s too adult for her age (she just turned 14 last July). And to be honest, I don’t know how to react and as much as I want to confront her, I don’t know how? I’m quite confused and a bit scared at the same time. Having internet access 24/7 is really making children aware of things not yet suitable for their age. I must admit that technology is a boon and curse for teenagers.




I do agree with the quote above. I could see it my daughters. They may have gotten some of my talents but they are way better than I am when I was their age, honestly. I am still one proud mom, somehow. And I can definitely say that my eldest daughter is morphing into a brilliant lady who knows how to find happiness and fulfillment in her own way. I’m not to hinder her from enjoying and making the most of her teenage life. I’m here to guide her and make her feel she’s loved no matter what.

May God bless us all!




A Once Beautiful Dream


He’s ten years older than me. Too many experiences in life that made him who he is today. I more than admire his wits. Truly, those hardships that he’s been through during his younger years shaped his character well. No wonder he’s a great conversationalist. There’s no dull moment with him. We can talk about anything under the sun and I won’t be bone-tired, I find pleasure just by listening to him attentively.

Having a deep conversation with someone who has
a brilliant mind and a beautiful soul is a new way of making love.

I am mesmerized by his past adventures. Though they’re not good stuff, at least he’s able to break through its walls and free himself from self-destruction. I did my best to know the things that caught his interests so I can relate with him when we talk. I love the way he opens his mouth, the genuine smile on his face whenever he brags about something and the glow in his eyes.

Now, you already have an idea of why I fell for him. He’s good-looking alright, that’s a plus. Not only that, seventy-five percent of my life’s first times have been shared with him. Not to mention he fathered my precious possessions – my children.

He always sounds like a dictator to me. He’d always want everything done his own way. I know he’s right most of the time but can’t I have the freedom to do other things on my own? I knew I have too few good results with what I’m doing but at least I don’t screw things deliberately. 

He’s a thousand miles away. Though he’s physically absent, thoughts of him linger in my mind. Unfortunately, things are not always what they seem. He drifted away. His heart went astray. Our relationship nowadays is no longer built on love but memories and obligations. I tried to bring back the way we were but to no avail. I’m way past crying and even if I try, there are no more tears to shed. I’m left with a once beautiful dream that turned into a nightmare. I don’t want to let him go but I cannot do anything. People are going to do what they want to do when they want to do it. This is a fact, and I accepted it. I won’t force him to love me again. Surely I can wait, for how long, I don’t know. As long as I love him, maybe? With his cold treatments, I am beginning to lose hope. Chances of us getting back together is getting bleak each passing days, I’m afraid.


I may regret the things I did in anger, but never the things I did in love.


Living In The Present

There are moments when I am more than eager to write down exactly what or how I feel but somehow, I can’t lift my fingers to type in my keyboard. My eyes, transfixed in front of my desktop, trying so hard to spill the words to release the heaviness in my chest. I would find myself staring in blank space for hours. It seems there are no appropriate words to describe the emotions that consume my whole being. I thought I cannot get out of that emotional roller coaster ride yesterday. Thank God it’s over! I’m back on my feet and ready to face this day.




Today, I decided to do what I can, with what I have and what I know, where I am and that’s enough. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. This very present is my truth at the moment! I am now doing the laundry while cleaning the house and cooking our breakfast and lunch. I’m doing all these things with enthusiasm. I don’t want to lose my momentum. Every once in a while I am attending my hyperactive two-year-old son. I never enjoyed mommy duties other than having a bonding time with my adorable children.




What I enjoyed the most is watching Anime series with them while eating. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of our favorites. I love everything about it – the plot, the characters, and the story as a whole. If you’d like to watch it, you can click here. If you’re into anime thing, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Have a nice day to us all!



Weekly Quotes To Ponder 26





One of the greatest feelings one could ever feel in this world is to love and to be loved. A kind of love that is mutual and reciprocal. It takes two to tango, right?

But love is not always about feelings. As a matter of fact, it is a decision. You’ll know that you truly love someone when that person becomes difficult to deal with and yet you stayed. This reality is so harsh that others jump from one relationship to another. They kind of do trial and error to find the right one for them. I also did that before. But when you found a total stranger and you both clicked, then you can’t even pinpoint the things that you did love about him/her, you just feel secure and happy, then you just found the one.

Love is not always a bed of roses, sometimes you also have to lay on a bed of nails to know that it’s for real. – Meeh

What if the person who once loved you, doesn’t love you anymore? Would you still be willing to love that person whole-heartedly even if it hurts to see him/her slowly drifting away from you? Could you bear seeing him doing the things he did with you doing it with someone else now? Truly it’s hard to give without expecting anything in return especially when it comes to romantic love. But it happens. Unrequited love does exist.




Well, I think it would be our own decision to still love someone who cannot love us in return. For me, it is one of the noblest and greatest sacrifices and it’s all worth it. We should always remember that it is better to give than to receive. To love others that don’t love us is an opportunity given by God. We’ll reap our rewards in His own time.

How about you? What are your thoughts on this? I would be delighted to read your comments. Have a wonderful week everyone!



The Best Is Yet To Come

I have never felt this exhausted. My energy have been drained from my body and I am more than immobile. My mind and my heart, drenched with pain, doubts and fear, they’re not functioning well. I can’t feel anything anymore. Just a sense of nothing. Ninety nine percent of my being wanted to go to oblivion. All I know now is I am floating in air. No heaviness. Chaos…


So this is how it feels to fall out of love for someone or something. You don’t give a damn. You don’t care what will happen next. You lost all the reasons to hold on, the reason to fight. You lost sense of direction. This is not good. This is not bad either. I think this is a dangerous combination. Perhaps, one of the most challenging and difficult test in this life.

How can I survive when my only reason for survival has long been gone? Here I am again, wanted to sound funny when in fact everything at this moment seems ridiculous.

Maybe some girls are not meant to be tamed.
Maybe they are supposed to run wild…
Until they find someone just as wild to run with

All my life, all I ever wanted was to love and to be loved. I never wanted fame or fortune. I am not a materialistic type. I can be happy with small things. I am not hard to please. I must admit I can be upset so easily, I am an impulsive type. I can just burst into tears or laugh at the top of my lungs. I can be as mad as hell and could swallow a whole person but I can forgive people easily and forget everything in one sitting. I know at times, I am not easy to understand but all of us do. Wouldn’t you agree?

I would love to go to a place where I could clear my mind and release all the burdens I have in my heart. Be at peace. But there are times when the more we ache for that to happen the more it becomes elusive. And the more it hurts, the more it becomes intolerable.


I’d let things be for now. I am heartbroken, lonely, hurt, lost, and weak.  I’ll just let them celebrate their victory and laugh at my defeat. I need to gather every strength left in me. I need to buy more time. As long as God is still letting me breath, as long as I see the sunrise in the velvet sky, I know that the best is yet to come…

Find a heart that will love you
at your worst
arms that will hold you at
your weakest.