Another Quote Challenge

1555388_651382388241896_1242620543_nHey guys! Once again I’ve been invited by a wonderful blogger, Spiritualjourney17 this ‘Quote Challenge’. Thank’s to her. I’ve done it before when I was challenged by another blogger, Olivia S.. My original plan for this day is not to post anything but read articles from blogs I follow. Reading and reflecting tempted me to write something. So here it is…

Most people find it really hard to forgive and forget especially when they tried to be good all the time but others did them wrong in return. For them, it seems that the world is so unfair. They tend  to harbor a grudge and would plan a revenge without being aware that they harm themselves more than  the person who wronged them. And eventually, they become prisoners of bitterness, hatred, and revenge. Thus, making them unhappy.

It is but natural to feel bad when others did us wrong but it is unhealthy to allow all negative feelings to stay in our hearts for so long. Let’s not be  harsh on ourselves, we must learn to accept that what happened is irreversible but we can  emerge to be a better  person in the process.

Here’s how it goes:

  1. Pick one or three quotes.
  2. Challenge three different bloggers.

My three nominees:

  1. Danielle
  2. Asahela
  3. Dia

No pressure, just for fun. Best wishes to all!

Do not allow hatred and resentment fill your heart and mind for it will consume even the tiniest goodness that you have in your life.