Weekly Quotes To Ponder 8



Truth be told, I am really not a patient person. I am actually impulsive in nature. I can utter disgusting words in a split seconds once triggered. I can burst into anger without thinking of the outcome of my actions. That’s actually one of the downsides of being a sentimental fool. It’s really hard to control my emotions. And before I knew it, the damage has been done.


It has been said that it’s not what you say that matters but how you say it. Being a call center employee for about more than ten years, I can definitely say that it’s true. Since we deal with customers via telephone, tone of voice plays an important role. An upbeat and pleasant tone should be observed all throughout the call especially in the first five seconds. Same goes with face to face interactions. Oftentimes a gentle answer could make someone forget his anger. On the other hand, saying harsh words or cussing can trigger it. Experience proved that even though we don’t mean bad once we say it in an unpleasant tone, it changes the meaning to the person who heard us. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to guard our tone of voice for us to get along with people. It’s hard for  me to do that, honestly but I’m learning everyday and taking it one step at a time.


Smile is an inexpensive way to improve one’s look

That’s it for our 8th week of ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder’. Hopefully, you learned something and enjoyed reading at the same time. Have a blessed week, everyone!

Letting Go

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I never thought I could be this wrong
To love, to wait, for eight years long
Your name, etched in my heart
I dread the day we have to part

Your thoughts lingers in my head
I curse every seconds you’re in her bed
Trying my best to ease the pain
Soon you’ll be with me again

I know this is insane
This is madness beyond compare
Your time and affection we need to share
Be totally mine, why don’t you dare?

You said I complete you
Such one of your lies that seems so true
I’m happy by just loving you
Still I need to face the truth

I’ll never be complete without you
But every turn tells me to let go…
Move forward, head held up high though alone
Find someone I could call my own



Tokens of Gratitude: Him

Love is not always a bed of roses, sometimes you also have to lay in a bed of nails to know if it’s for real

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

10410124_810089115680315_3590924925828755489_nJust when I thought I couldn’t find someone who will take me just as I am and would love me unconditionally, this person came into my life. Thank God for allowing me to meet him and be part of his life. He is the only man who can fight with me in the morning and would still make love to me at night. I may hate so much at times but I love him just the same.

Ours is an imperfect relationship, most of the time, we suck. But one thing remains constant – our love. He always unleash the worst in me but he’s also the only person who could bring out the best in me. The only one who can bend me. He may disagree but at the end of it all, never fail to clean up my mess. He’s more than fifty shades and that’s what I’ve loved about him.

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 7

Hello people! I still can’t believe that we are on our seventh week of this ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder’ feature. Today, I stumbled upon a quote that inspired me of my  individuality as a woman.


Being regarded as ‘The Ugly Duckling’ in the family, I’ve had my shares of insecurities and inferiority complex during my childhood days.  I even came into a point where I dreaded to look at myself in the mirror and discover an ugly teen. To make a long story short, I have low self-esteem until I met the father of my children. Thank God for him!


He made me feel like I am the most important person in the whole world for him. He taught me to get out of my shell and show the world how beautiful I am. He sees something in me that’s more than what meets the eye. He took me just as I am, with all of my flaws. Ever since then, I’ve learned to love myself more. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 7”

A Sentimental Fool


I am a sentimental fool and I am not ashamed to admit it. For me, it is an honesty that is raw but true. Emotional attachment to people or things is the blood that runs through my veins. It is what keeps my sanity amidst adversities. It is the force that drives me to be better everyday. It is the very reason why I chose to be more human.

valueSome may think that being sentimental is not only foolish but also a waste of time. I understand them but I disagree. I know that a sentimental person is strongly influenced by emotions than by reason. But it doesn’t mean that we can’t be rational. How could someone who has the ability to empathize and forgive others easily be irrational? That, I would never understand.


Sentimental is dealing with feelings of tenderness, sadness or nostalgia, typically in an exaggerated and self-indulgent way.

In all my life, I have never force someone to like or love me. I have never exerted any effort for others to accept me. Pretending is not my cup of tea. I want people to know me truly, to take me just as I am. If you reject me, I cannot do anything about it. I never chase people because I believe that if they belong to my life they will stay. It is a chance I willingly take as a sentimental fool and for me, it is freedom and it’s what makes me happy.

Shared Spark


She met Dave Morrow a couple of months ago. They were introduced by a mutual friend. At the moment they shake hands, Grace felt electricity flows in her whole body. The one described in romance novel when two people is in love. Truth is, Grace doesn’t believe that but now she do. Unfortunately, Dave’s in a relationship and so does Grace. But every time they bumped with each other they’d find their eyes fixed with one another, and would exchange the sweetest smile. One time, inside the library, after saying hello’s they found each others lips and shared a passionate kiss. They both knew it was wrong. But they can’t help it. That was the start of their secret love affair.


They would find time to be together while hiding their relationship, they would make the most of every moment because they never know how long  it will  last. Grace cannot deny the fact that the happiest moments in her life were those shared with Dave. However, their world is getting too small and she knew that they cannot hide it too long. She broke up with her boyfriend but Dave cannot just do that. His girlfriend has a suicidal tendency.


Dave: I thought we’d celebrate Thanksgiving together, why are you leaving?cutee

Grace: I know, but I think this is much better. We need some space so we can think things over. This relationship  is getting more complicated. I cannot go on like this. I need someone to stand by me, I want a man to fight for me and let the world know that he loves me. 

Dave: I understand, and I am more than willing to do that for you, just give me some time. 

Grace: That’s  what I am giving you now. If you really love me and want this to work, leave her then comeback next week, I’ll wait. But if you did not come back it means goodbye.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months Dave did not come back. It was the most painful thing, the hardest blow in her life. She wanted to breakdown. She cried a river.


Dave: If you only knew how much I miss you! It’s been an everyday struggle trying to convince myself that it’s over. I hope you can forgive me for the pain I’ve caused you.

Grace: Let’s forget what happened. Time for us to move on. Good…

Before she can finish her word, Dave sealed it with a kiss. She can feel their pain and their longing with each other. He embraced her so tight, she hardly caught her breath. She can’t deny the fact the she wanted him so badly, she wanted to tell him to come back to her. She closed her eyes and savor every seconds of that kiss. In the spur of the moment, she found herself alone in that cold and empty street. Her eyes, blinded with tears. He ran away from her.


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Rain pours, she can ride to go home but chose to walk. She wanted the rain to wash away her pain. The night is still young and it’s really cold outside but she don’t mind. It is now clear that he cannot be hers. Time to go back to reality, time to move on…will they ever lost the connection? She doubt it.


Weekly Quotes To Ponder 6


Greetings wonderful people! Time for our weekly reflections again. Truth is, I have to stretch my thoughts to come up with something worth sharing and worth pondering. Please don’t think that I am not excited because I am. It’s just that there’s so many things that’s going on in my life these days, ninety nine percent is not pleasant, I should say with a sigh. But I’m fine. My flesh is weak but my spirit is renewed everyday, thank God!


Writing an article about forgiveness is something I have been aching since year 2005. I have read so many articles about this topic to widen my perspective and to condense all information to give justice to my post ( I am a kind of person who seldom challenge myself and in reality, I’d rather stay with my comfort zone). I’ve had a hard time convincing myself that I don’t need to bite more than I could chew. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 6”

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 2

Hello, people of the internet! Time for our weekly quote reflections. I’m so excited to write and share my thoughts about this quote:


My professor in Economics once told us that ‘human wants is insatiable’ and I do agree with him. When a man is discontent, he wants more, more, and more. His desire can never be satisfied and hence he will never feel happiness.

Happiness is a mental or emotional state of well-being defined by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.

I do believe that the real key to happiness is contentment. When one is contented with what he have, he would make the most of it because he do understand that what he got is all he ever need. It’s natural that if someone is satisfied with something, tendencies are to feel appreciative and elated. Thus, all positive thoughts and gestures follows. Smiles will be sweeter, faces will be radiant, and kindness will overflow.

We don’t really need to chase happiness because it is actually a choice, it comes from within us and it’s a gift from God. For me, simple things can make me happy, seeing my children smiling and knowing that they’re doing well with their life is just an example. How about you? What makes you happy? Are you making the most of what you have in this life? I would appreciate it if you would leave a comment.