You To Me

I may not be very generous but I am also not greedy. I am more than willing to share what I have but not my man. Yes! I cannot and would not share my man. I am more than a jealous person when it comes to love. Once you became my man, nobody could touch your soul but me. No one could love you as much as I do. And I will never ever love someone the way I’ve loved you.

I don’t care about your past. It doesn’t matter how many women you dated, how many of them you went in bed with, or how many children you have. I will take you just as you are – good side and bad side. You see, you don’t really have to pretend for me to love you. I love everything about you. Let me tell you that I love the way you smell after you’ve had an exercise and you perspired a lot! I love the way you fart. But most of all, I love the way you get mad at me especially when I see your eyes burning with hate, hearing you swear is music to my ears, and your silence though deafening is like a lullaby that reminds me of my frailty, of how much I need your touch.



I love you for all that you are
All that you have been
And all you’re yet to be…





So, how could I let go of someone who caused me so much emotional turmoil and extreme dramas? How could I give up someone who makes me feel mixed emotions in one sitting. You’re the only man who can fight with me in the morning and still make love to me at night. You are my fire and ice, my day and night. At times, you unleash the devil in me and yet you never fail to see the best in me. Call me lunatic, I don’t care. Call me crazy in love, I won’t mind. The love like ours is hard to find.


I have someone who’d love me at my worst
and an arms who’d always hold me at my weakest,
What more could I ask for?

Within Your Hands



Bare not my soul
Refuse to lose control
For years I’ve been ignored
Living in your world that’s cold

Sunrise after the rain
Touch that could ease my pain
You are to me a heaven sent
My heart not broken just bent

Always near but seems so far
Stares of hate that signals war
I’ve waited a million years
My love for you have killed my fears

While you fight to make it fake
I dream of you even when I’m awake
With just one mistake,
All my life you’d make me pay

Deprived me of love before your eyes
But when we touch you can’t deny
We’re both loss in a trance
For once, give us another chance

Sweet Reveries

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I know not a feel of gloom
Nor have heard of word like doom
Filled with sweet reveries
A face that radiates pleasantries

The care free life
Without an inch of strife
Laughter that makes me cry
Always bring sparkle in my eyes Continue reading “Sweet Reveries”

Loving You

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I’ve peered through your heart
As soon as we’ve drifted apart
Endured countless sleepless nights
Dreaded the times we always fight

I long for that lingering embrace
For no one, nothing can replace
All the memories we’ve shared
Echoes when I’m alone in bed Continue reading “Loving You”

Life is…

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Chronicles of life knows no brevity
Bittersweet it would always be
Most of us would try to flee
Others wallow in misery
Bone-tired in finding tranquility
Some even refused to see
Life’s not only what you perceive to be
But a never ending faith with thee

My Last Song Syndrome

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Remnants of our past
Makes my heart beat so fast
It never run out of tune
Though its fate is sudden doom

How could it be a lullaby
When tears always blind my eyes
Everytime we say goodbye
I die a million times Continue reading “My Last Song Syndrome”

Always Take

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Your love that’s so tender
Seems like undying ember
My body and soul
You seized in the cold

In a moment of spur
You gave me the stars
Swift me off my feet
Never minding defeat

Always on my side
Even when worlds collide
But when you caught her eyes
Your feelings subside Continue reading “Always Take”

Deep Inside

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Treated as a frivolous wife,
She faced the agony of an unending strife
And buried her hardened heart
For her world have torn apart
Is there someone to turn the light?
Lend an ear to hear her plight
A hand that will hold her tight
To lead her in the path
That’s gone out of sight
So she can freely soar in the velvet sky
Then let the hurt pass her by
Bring her back her radiant smile…


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I’ve reached the edge
Pain stained our bed
My head tossed and turned
Hatred have surged

In my peripheral vision
I could feel the tension
Filled with apprehension
Am I in delusion?

We’re the air we breath
The song we sing
The games we play
Now our hearts, gone astray

Just a mere speck
We failed to speak
Our love gone weak
Life went adrift

Our wounds are deep
And chance is bleak
But let’s wait some weeks
Paint the scars with our kiss

A Tribute

*I don’t own this

You filled the void in my heart
Taught me to dream and look forward
You’ve touched my soul
Like no one would

When I’m down
You’d sit beside me and hold my hand
Ever willing to keep me warm
Always want me away from harm

When I’m drowning in self-pity
You never fail to comfort me
Always keeping me company
Letting me vent and just be me

I’m not easy to be around
Too few good friends I have found
But you’re more than enough
And I’d forever thank God for that!