TANKA: Forbidden


We bump into each other
As if we’re total strangers
When no one’s around
Even seconds we would steal
Burn with passion, love unveiled.


***TANKA Poem is very similar to Haiku but it has more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor, and personification. There are five lines in a Tanka.



TANKA: Athletic


A man with iron fist
With a built, I could not resist
My world crumbles, my mind, twist
As soon as our eyes met
He won me over without a bet.


***TANKA Poem is very similar to Haiku but it has more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor, and personification. There are five lines in a Tanka.


TANKA : Coincidence


He came after her
Not knowing what life has to offer.
He said this is no coincidence
True love always finds its way.
She said, his mind is in disarray.


***Tanka poem is very similar to Haiku but it has more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor, and personification. There are five lines in a Tanka.





Once In A Lifetime

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He’s long gone yet his smell still lingers
I still feel his touch in my dreams
His fading footsteps as he walks away
I can’t open my mouth to beg him to stay
I cried a river that very day
Can’t stand looking at the doorway
My life fell apart yet he’s etched in my heart
Is this love more than lust?
The burning desire in our eyes
Our touch, it’s hotter than fire
Seventh heaven in an instant
Am I meant to love him from a distance?
He’s taken, I can’t stand a chance…


behind.jpgIn your eyes all I can see
Is fading image of me
You are not what you used to be
Acting like you never once loved me
I may be wrong, but I bet
I cannot just forget
Your stare that captured my heart
Touch that brought me warmth
Smile that outshines the sun
And kisses that made me lost my mind
How could I possibly find courage
To let go of what’s really mine?

Silver Pride

lateaAmidst the heights of all bouts
In the shadow of all doubts

When the night is more than dark
And your torn heart is more than hurt

When all they paint is black
And the path is never flat

When life tastes like a bitter pill
And it seems you could never heal

When time seems to stand still
And robbed you off your own will

Shine, for even if you’re unaware
You’re worth more than the finest pearl
So never ever see little of yourself!

Under Spell

yathoriRidiculous it may sound
I must admit it’s profound
But whenever I’m down
When I’m wearing a frown
Or alone in a town
You act more than a clown
Bring my feet on the ground
You are one of a kind
I don’t mind if I’m blind
As long as you’re by my side
With our love I take pride
It’s worth all of the ride!

Panic Mode


Enveloped with fear
Deep breath is all I can hear
I wanted to shout
Yet can’t open my mouth

Out of the blue
Silence ensue
As cold as a gun
This wouldn’t be fun

I turned around
There I have found
This fear I have made
Is a two-edged blade

Keep bleeding in tears
A sight I can’t bear
My feet glued in the ground
No way I could run

A Captured Heart

lovely.jpgIn a mother’s heart
there grows a seed
of love that never dies.
& through that love
she gives her children
wings on which to rise

I used to be a free spirited person. I guess I still am, in some way. I have never known or have never been constrained by convention. Issues about life, problems and difficulties never bothered me back then. I always do the things that I think would make me happy. I’ve enjoyed my freedom a lot and I always decide on my own.

I am a risk-taker. I prefer to experience things first hand to realize its implications rather than listen and heed to the warnings of others. I tend to conceal my weakness by showing others how tough I can be when faced with life’s cruelties. Too few people knew how vulnerable I am. I created this facade to protect myself and to survive. I did survived. Then I thought life could be as simple as staying up all night, reading books or writing poems while looking at the bright night sky.

I am consumed by the world I created that when reality struck me, I am more than shocked. Something woke me up from my empty sleep. Someone taught me that there are far more important things to do in this life other than thinking of my own happiness, my own welfare.

children.jpgI still have my childish ways. Though I am already in my mid thirties, I still couldn’t convince myself that I am matured enough. I don’t even know the exact basis of maturity, to be honest. I never knew I could be capable of loving others unconditionally until I have my children. I’ve learned how to love without expecting anything in return. Seeing them living a good life, and hearing their laughter is more than enough antidote for stress. I couldn’t thank God enough for blessing me and entrusting me with these amazing creatures. Having them taught me to be considerate to others. That whatever decision I will make would greatly affect the people around me especially my loved ones.
I cannot be a perfect mother no matter how hard I try but one thing is for sure, I would do anything for my children’s sake even if it would cost me my own happiness.




A soul cut in half
Master of hollow laugh
Being tough is a must
Holding on ’til it last

He doesn’t have any heart
Playing games from the start
He can just torn heart apart
Can seduce, can’t give love

Fill her heart with disgust
But she can’t do just that
She can’t barely stand
Soon as she caught his glance

She’s just another woman in town
Craving for his loving arms
Smile that turned her world upside down
Her heart beats like a drum

She stayed with his life
Though he played side by side
Until no more tears when she cry
No more fears when they part

Never thought hers would ebb
Can’t believe she could leave
Someone she hold so dear
Letting go took nth years

Feelings of no regret
Their forever’s a myth
Scars of their past,
Made her better at last!