Shared Spark


She met Dave Morrow a couple of months ago. They were introduced by a mutual friend. At the moment they shake hands, Grace felt electricity flows in her whole body. The one described in romance novel when two people is in love. Truth is, Grace doesn’t believe that but now she do. Unfortunately, Dave’s in a relationship and so does Grace. But every time they bumped with each other they’d find their eyes fixed with one another, and would exchange the sweetest smile. One time, inside the library, after saying hello’s they found each others lips and shared a passionate kiss. They both knew it was wrong. But they can’t help it. That was the start of their secret love affair.


They would find time to be together while hiding their relationship, they would make the most of every moment because they never know how long  it will  last. Grace cannot deny the fact that the happiest moments in her life were those shared with Dave. However, their world is getting too small and she knew that they cannot hide it too long. She broke up with her boyfriend but Dave cannot just do that. His girlfriend has a suicidal tendency.


Dave: I thought we’d celebrate Thanksgiving together, why are you leaving?cutee

Grace: I know, but I think this is much better. We need some space so we can think things over. This relationship  is getting more complicated. I cannot go on like this. I need someone to stand by me, I want a man to fight for me and let the world know that he loves me. 

Dave: I understand, and I am more than willing to do that for you, just give me some time. 

Grace: That’s  what I am giving you now. If you really love me and want this to work, leave her then comeback next week, I’ll wait. But if you did not come back it means goodbye.

Days turned into weeks, weeks into months Dave did not come back. It was the most painful thing, the hardest blow in her life. She wanted to breakdown. She cried a river.


Dave: If you only knew how much I miss you! It’s been an everyday struggle trying to convince myself that it’s over. I hope you can forgive me for the pain I’ve caused you.

Grace: Let’s forget what happened. Time for us to move on. Good…

Before she can finish her word, Dave sealed it with a kiss. She can feel their pain and their longing with each other. He embraced her so tight, she hardly caught her breath. She can’t deny the fact the she wanted him so badly, she wanted to tell him to come back to her. She closed her eyes and savor every seconds of that kiss. In the spur of the moment, she found herself alone in that cold and empty street. Her eyes, blinded with tears. He ran away from her.


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Rain pours, she can ride to go home but chose to walk. She wanted the rain to wash away her pain. The night is still young and it’s really cold outside but she don’t mind. It is now clear that he cannot be hers. Time to go back to reality, time to move on…will they ever lost the connection? She doubt it.