Weekly Writing Prompt: Wishes



for all best things
keep the faith, hold it firm
dream big lay all cards, your everything

The prompt: WISHES


The challenges this week are all about brevity:

Prose Challenge – Tell us a story about “three wishes” in 200 words.

Poetry Challenge – Write a cinquain on the theme of wishes.


CINQUAIN  is a short, usually unrhymed poem consisting of twenty-two syllables distributed as 2, 4, 6, 8, 2, in five lines.

TANKA 10: Cheers


It’s a sheer delight
To be filled with broad daylight
A glass of beer, sharing cheers
Happiness beyond compare
It’s summer time again!

Here’s my take for this week’s TANKA poetry challenge. For full instructions kindly click here or visit Ramblings of a Writer. I’m certain you’ll enjoy reading her blog. Good luck!

TANKA 9: Survival

Kill or be killed
Which one would you prefer?
Games of life’s not for the weak
Fight like birds that have beak
Though your chances are bleak.

game Birds.jpg

I just can’t help but partake in this wonderful TANKA poetry challenge hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. You may want to stretch your mind and find delight in reading other’s entry. For instructions, kindly click here. I’d look forward to it, thank you in advance!

3Line Tales 30: Determined

Seeing my dream car
I couldn’t afford to miss
If I have to, I’d get it with iron fist!

photo by Wolf Schram

Cheers to another week of  Three-lining! I definitely love this fascinating photo prompt. Here’s my take, hopefully you’d enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing. For a detailed instructions, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. Have  wonderful day to us all!

3Line Tales 29: Phony

Weave of lies
Concealed in your smile
Yet your eyes can’t disguise

photo by Philip Estrada

Simple and yet another intriguing photo prompt! Thank you Sonya of Only 100 Words blog for coming up with an amazing and enjoyable event every Thursday – Three Lining. I just can’t resist to partake. You may want to check out how it’s done by clicking here. I’d be delighted to read your entries. Good luck!


Sands of time be mine
Leaves that falls one by one
Autumn of my wrecked heart
Revealing yet another art
A promising chapter yet to start



Here’s my take for this week’s TANKA poetry challenge. If you’d like to check how this wonderful activity goes, kindly click here. This weekly event is hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. Have a wonderful day everyone!


3Line Tales 28: Acrophobia

Hello people! Honestly, I always look forward every week for a dose of writing a Three-liner. So, here’s my take:

photo by Steven Wei

Petrified, in his sturdy arms I cling
Can’t fly though I have wings
Afraid to throw up as my head spins

You may want to stretch your mental muscles every once in a while, come join us and have some fun. For instructions, kindly click here. Have an awesome week!

TANKA 7: Alone


Droplets of rain
Drenched her with pain
It’s water, tastes bittersweet
While she walked down the streets
Her thoughts run so deep

Here’s another photo prompt that made made my day! Another TANKA poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger – Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. For instructions, kindly click here. I can’t wait to read your take. Hoping that you’d enjoy reading mine. Good luck!

TANKA 6: Mother



Lemons before my eyes
Reminds me of my mother‘s smile
Life sometimes may be sour,
Yet her faith never goes south
Always hopeful in every bout.

Cheers to another TANKA poetry! I just love to write a brief tale out of amazing photo prompt just like this one. By the way, this is a different poetry challenge hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer.

I would be delighted if you would take time to read our entries, more if you’d join us with writing too. I’m so excited to read your work! For instructions, kindly click here

3Line Tales 27: Struck

Cupid’s bow pierced in my heart
Every detail of you tattooed in my mind
Adorned with silver bought with great price

photo by Alex Hockett

Cheers to another week of Three-Lining! I’m glad I did find time to partake. Too bad, I wasn’t able to join the activity last week.

For instructions, kindly click here. Better yet, visit Only 100 Words. It feels great to write and read brief and amazing tales. Have a wonderful day!