A to Z Challenge: Gnarled


I deeply adore her hands
It withstand the test of time
How did she earned its stripes?
Such a devoted mother and wife.

Hands that brings comfort, warmth
Always want me away from harm
It secures me when I’m in distress
Ever willing to clean my mess

And when my world have gone wild
Her touch reminds be to be kind
It may not be beautiful outside
Her gnarled hands, I take pride!

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Flaunted

rose moving
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A rare find, so exquisite
One just can’t afford to miss
Worth more than a lifetime bliss
And a million lovers kiss

Hold it firm dont’ let it slip
Dream of it while you’re asleep
Keep an eye lest you forget
It’s everything, and you’d want it

Your head held up high
You can soar through velvet sky
Wearing it with all your pride
Amidst the crowd and all passerby


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


A to Z Challenge: Enticed

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Lost in a trance
With his furtive glance
I just can’t resist his charm
Welcomed him in open arms

I am mesmerized
Looking through his eyes
Burning passion I can’t hide
All my fears set aside

I care less what will be
I am his, he could see
He’s my dream, my reality
And my utmost gravity


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Drifted

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Would you throw me a stare?
And show me you care?
Or just shrug a shoulder,
As I walk down the stairs?

Once, I am your world
Have seen your wonders unfold
When others won’t turn your way
I was there to stay

Nobody else can see
You mean everything to me
Now drowning in blue
Never thought, I’d lost you


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


A to Z Challenge: Caressed

roseinwhiteTake me now, don’t delay
Be with me come what may
In my bed let’s just lay
I care less, I’m your prey

One night stand we became one
I owned you in an instant
Heaven felt all at once
Won’t let it slip in my hands

Let’s indulge in this game of chance
Until we lost track of time
Even though we can’t be
In my heart there you’ll be…


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Bedazzled



brilliantI just can’t help but stare
Such beauty beyond compare
I am in awe of you
Be mine, anything I would do

Butterflies in my stomach
You cause me so much
And when you smile at me
My heart dances with glee

Your radiance blinded my eyes
I became lost at a glance
This captured heart of mine
Fighting for your love in all might

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016.


A to Z Challenge: Alienated


*google image

You’ve touched my soul
Always in control
Our minds entwined
And eyes were blind

Sands of time
We don’t really mind
Our hearts desire
We always find

Every inch of me belongs to you
As you’re to me, I hope you do
Now I can’t feel what used to be
Her love took you, with her you flee…


Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge : My Theme

Guys, I almost forgot I am joining the A to Z Challenge this April and today they encourage us to reveal our theme,  not that it is mandatory but it will be of great help for our visitors or readers on what they can expect. Since most of my posts is random or whatever comes to mind in a certain moment, I must admit that I need to give myself a little more push but I’m up to it.


I believe poetry runs in my blood, with that being said, I decided to play this challenge with writing a poem with titles from A to Z. I am so excited to write the first piece come 1st of April. So watch out for it!

A poet is a liar
who always speaks the truth
– Jean Cocteau