A to Z Challenge: Quixote

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Amidst the harshness of reality
He radiates positivity
In the heights of enmity
Only good things he could see

A heart filled with empathy
Mind that knows no cruelty
Outstretched arms to those in need
Refused to broadcast all his deeds

How could I not love him?
In his river of goodness I could swim
Sturdy arms I could always cling
Only to be awaken, he’s just a dream..

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Plain

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In life’s highways and lanes,
One must not be so plain
Leave no stone unturned,
Nor burn your bridges unlearned

Cry if you must,
Refrain from disgust
A mind full of trash,
You should willingly smash

Smile in disguise
With impenetrable eyes
Others can’t turn you down
If they can’t see you frown.

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Ode to my man

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You’re the only guy
Who could set my heart on fire
My mood swings you can stand
Welcomes me with outstretch hands

You bare my soul
Mindless when they call you fool
Drinking my cup of tea
Bearing a bittersweet melody

You’re one of a kind
Rare treasure I have found
Thank God, you’re now mine
Your adulation so profound

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


A to Z Challenge: Nomad

wow4Wandering soul
Many times got fooled
Confused with this winding road
Numb as my journeys left untold

I am more than sick
Confused which way to seek
My faith’s getting weak
Facing this unending fleet

I ache to find some rest
And long to finally end my quest
I summon you happiness
In your bosom I intend to nest.

 Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Mnemosyne

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Drenched in the stream of thoughts
As I travelled with you by foot
And like flowers that always bloom
You’re my most treasured heirloom

For you time stood still
Mixed emotions you always fill
Deepest wounds you can just heal
Every moment you could steal

You are my utmost solitude
Have seen me through my bad moods
Faced them all with great fortitude
Without you, I doubt if  I could.

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


A to Z Challenge: Lame

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Staring at the ceiling
Confused with my feelings
My mind I can’t bend
I just can’t pretend

There’s no one to blame
We both played this game
Is this still sane
For my reasons turned lame

I just couldn’t keep
This feeling so deep
I could say it best
Once you feel my kiss

Written for A to Z Challenge

A to Z Challenge: Knitted

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Siblings in crime
We don’t always rhyme
But the bond between us
Is always sublime

Our house is on fire
As soon as we fight
But when danger’s on sight
Can’t help but unite

When our heaven’s cry
We hold on so tight
Our hearts, share just one beat
Together, we won’t just retreat

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016


A to Z Challenge: Jellied

whiteShe vowed not to mingle
And prefer to stay single
She did well and fair
Until she met his piercing stare

Can’t help but let her guard
Won’t mind if it’s awkward
Floating in a cloud nine
Drunk in his love’s wine

Leaving her destiny to his whim
Knowing she can’t live without him
And her only way to prove?
Stuck on him, can’t barely move.


A to Z Challenge: Iris

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I used to fear the rain
For it brings hatred and pain
For me it seems heaven’s tears
It pours when no one hears

So I was once a barren land
By myself I can hardly stand
Never thought I’d find someone
Then fate waved its magic wand

Life won’t be the same
Never knew love until you came
You led me to find myself
Now we’re dancing in the rain

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016

A to Z Challenge: Harried

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Eyes closed in racing mind
Deep breaths all through the night
A dozen questions, a million times
Even one answer I cannot find

Like sudden glow of an ember
You came to me last September
Your name I can’t even remember
But in my heart, you stayed there

A damsel in distress
I long to feel your kiss
Can’t see myself with other miss
We’re meant to share a lasting bliss

Written for A to Z Challenge April 2016