I’m Thankful For Tag

Oftentimes, we tend to overlook the things that matters a lot. Fate lends no one, the world mocks at us especially when it sees we’re on the verge of giving up. It makes us ungrateful sometimes or would it be right to say, we’re actually grateful but unable to express it openly because our anxieties overshadows it.


I am so delighted to receive a tag from a friend blogger, Sonali Mukherjee about her Thankfulness post. I dedicated this moment to participate to show how much I appreciate it. She never fail to include me whenever she received an award in blogging and it means a lot, she’s just so sweet.

For the rules:

  1. List down three things you are thankful for.
  2. Nominate fellow bloggers to continue the TAG.
  3. Use a cool logo to match up with your even cooler answers.

My Answers:

  1. Having a FAMILY I can call my own. I don’t have a normal upbringing with my family. I am being tossed from one relative to another and when I was in college, I need to live on my own in a province without any relatives. It makes life so tough that time – no one to turn to, no one to belong to. That’s why when I met my partner and God blessed us with four children, I couldn’t be more happier.
  2. Being affiliated with MCGI (Members Church of God International). Being a Christian is the most wonderful gift I received from God Almighty. It made me realized my life’s purpose and no matter how difficult the path may be, I am confident that with God’s help and mercy, I can live the life that’s meant for me.
  3. Blessings in disguise. Family life is quite tough. Before we reach our present status where we could now buy what we need as well as what we want, we have to go through too much difficulties during our first three years of building our family. There were even times that we barely eat a decent meal in a day. Our relatives would mock us and talk poorly about us in our face. Thank God, my partner is a strong-willed person. While I drown myself in tears, he did everything he can to find a regular job and support me emotionally and financially to pull myself up and land a career in a call center industry.

And for my nominees:

  1. Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer
  2. Miriam of Out ‘an About
  3. Spiritualjourney17
  4. Sonali of Howling With The Wolf

Forgive me, Sonali I just can’t help but include you. Here’s hoping you’d bear in mind how much I appreciate your wonderful blog, your comments in my posts, and everything about your friendship. Anyhow, there’s no need to participate if your time won’t allow it but I would be delighted if you would. Once again, thank you!


Celebrating The Little Things Tag


Hi there people! I just got a notification from a friend bloggerSonali of Howling With The Wolf. She have a habit of tagging me in each and every award that she’d get and it makes me feel so appreciated (am getting teary-eyed right now). Thank you my dear, you don’t know how much happiness you bring me.

So here’s few questions  as well as my answers:

  1. Who was your first follower? My first follower is Mind Blogging To Me. You may want to visit her blog and read some interesting stuffs.
  2. What was the last milestone you reached? As of to date, I already have 288  Followers which I consider not bad for a 10 month old blog.
  3. What was your very first post about? Actually, the very first post I have is a shared article entitled, I Used To Be Catholic, Don’t Blame Me from Steward Secrets of God. But if it’s something I’ve written, it would be this. It’s about me.
  4. Who is your most recent follower? Tag them and give them a shoutout! semiprowriter, it’s just about a week since the follow. I find the posts interesting and inspiring so I returned the favor.
  5.  What was your last post about? Tag the person who liked it first. Weekly Quotes To Ponder 30 it’s a feature post here in my blog once a week, I usually write it on Wednesdays. Dehan of Motivation With Dehan was the first to like it. I really appreciate it.
  6. How many months/year have you been blogging for? Actually, this blog is almost five years old, however, I  just started writing post/s last January of this year. So, technically, it’s just almost a year old.
  7. Have you met a blogger friend in person? Yes, of course! A wonderful friend, Heide of The Feelings I Have blog. Kindly visit it,  you’ll definitely find brief and interesting reads.
  8. Do you have any social media account related to your blog? Kindly share it to us so we can follow. Yes, there is! Kindly click here. Thank you in advance!

Now, to those that I will tag, I’d like to let you know that I am grateful for the time you spared in checking my blog. I really feel wonderful whenever I see people click like, write comments, read, and follow my blog. There’s no obligation to respond to this post but I would be happy if you will. It’s great to know amazing people in blog-o-sphere.

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  2. My Petridish
  3. Linda G. Hill
  4. Bikurgurl
  5. Dollops of Heedful Ramblings
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  7. Simply Marquessa
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  10. spiritualjourney17

Tokens of Gratitude: RAIN



Hi there people! It’s ‘BER‘ months again. It’s the time of the year when ‘Rainy Season‘ is at its peak here in the Philippines. For me, it is a perfect time to stay in the house in hibernation. While I like the sound of the rain as I lay in my bed, it also gives me a feeling of sadness, it brings back painful memories too. It’s like a teardrop of someone who cannot hold back the pain and cannot do anything but show the world how depressing life can be sometimes. But just like rain that waters the soil for plants to grow, tears could wash away bitterness and resentments too. Thus, trials and difficulties, heartbreaks and failures are necessary to hone our characters and make us a better person in the end. The choice is ours.

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain.

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

Today, I give thanks to God Almighty for creating ‘rain’. I wouldn’t be this resilient and strong have I not encounter any difficulties and I may not appreciate happiness more have I not known sadness. Truly, God knows what’s best for us all! Cheers!


Tokens of Gratitude: Humility

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

Hello there people! I’ve missed writing a ‘Tokens of Gratitude‘ post for a while and I feel so sorry about it. I really wanted to catch up and make up for the lost. So here I am.

I would always feel grateful for all the blessings that comes my way. Sometimes even the not so good things that’s happening in our lives are actually blessings in disguise. If you are a follower, you may notice that I’m going through rough times these past few months. I am caught up with so much pressure and stress – mentally and emotionally. But despite of it all, I am still thankful to God. With His help and mercy, I am learning to be more positive, resilient, and hopeful.

By the way, I would like to share this quote to you all, hopefully this would brighten your day and give you a moral booster.


That’s it for now! Have a great weekend everyone!


Liebster Award


I am really honored to receive this award from a fellow blogger, Anuradha Mukherjee of Aromas of My Kitchen. You may want to visit her lovely blog. I always enjoy reading her home-made and lots of love recipes.


This is actually, long overdue. But I still wanted to share this with you all. So without further ado, I would share 11 facts about myself as part of the rule:

  1.  I can be too simple and yet complicate things at times.
  2. Too transparent that others can easily see what or how I feel once they look at my eyes.
  3.  I am an impulsive buyer.
  4. A helpless romantic and yet a realist.
  5. Easy to be mad but quick to forgive.
  6. Haven’t experienced riding a plane yet.
  7. A risk-taker by heart, I prefer to take a hard and challenging route in life than the easy and boring ones.
  8.  I can spend a month in hibernation in a room near the sea, feeling the breeze while lying in a cozy bed listening to my favorite songs while reading books.
  9. One of my happiest moment is spending time with my children eating delicious foods.
  10.  I am more inspired to write articles and poems in the heights of being lazy.
  11.  I am a nocturnal person. I prefer to do household chores when everyone in the house is fast asleep.

Now, to answer Anuradha‘s 11 questions: Continue reading “Liebster Award”

My Monthly Memories: July 2K16


Hi there people! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post in my blog. And to catch up, I would be taking part in this great Blogging Event, My Monthly Memories hosted by a pretty blogger Basant She. You may want to check out her wonderful blog. Thanks to her for coming up with an idea of making an archive of what transpired in our lives each month especially in blogging.

Time fleets so fast! I still can’t believe I can write almost 170 posts in seven months and gained almost 240 followers. I can’t thank God enough!


I love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…

Honestly, July is the most trying month so far this year. I’ve had a hard time keeping up with my blog while facing the demands of everyday life. There were times, I am lost in a stream of thoughts and consumed with so much emotions I can hardly move my fingers to type and write a post. Is this what some called, writer’s block? It’s been a struggle to find the right words to let go of what’s filling my chest. Well, life’s like that sometimes. There are setbacks. But that doesn’t mean I would give up. Not me, my dear readers. I’ve waited long enough for this dream to come true and now that I have it already, I won’t let it slip through my bare hands, promise.

self.jpgThe highlights of this month is about oneself reflection, acceptance, forgiveness, and self love. I would be glad if you’d take a peek with one of my favorite posts: Weekly Quotes To Ponder 23, the quote really struck me straight in the heart. I am proud and happy to say the trials and difficulties made me more human, and is making me an understanding and forgiving person. I have never felt so in love with myself. I would like to thank you all for taking time to glance, read, like, or comment on my emotional posts. You don’t know how much happiness you bring to my world.

Here I am, looking forward to write more posts this August and more interactions with fellow bloggers. May God bless us all!

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 22

Gotcha! We’re on our 22nd week of this ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ feature. How time flies! It’s amazing how far we’ve come. It is such a wonderful mental exercise to ponder about a quote and share my thoughts about it. I also enjoy reading your thoughts and thankful for the time you spared to like and comment on my posts.




I’ve been silent for a while. Even with my blog, my followers may have noticed it. At times, we all need to be silent. For me, it is a great way to reflect and detoxify my soul. It is another weapon against cruelty. Based on experience, silence can be the most powerful scream.

Sometimes it’s best to stay QUIET.
Silence can speak volumes without ever saying a word.

Oftentimes, I chose not say a word especially with people who have closed minds and hearts. I’d rather not waste my saliva and overuse my vocal chords with someone who obviously don’t want to understand my point. Other people might think that I am defeated just because I didn’t say anything, I just let them. I know who I am, what I am capable of, and I don’t need to explain myself.


How about you? Are you a tactless type? I am a straightforward type of person but I rarely open my mouth. Experience taught me when to speak, to whom I would speak my deepest thoughts, my worries, and my wildest dreams. I always respect other people’s silence just as I would have them respect mine. Have a great week everyone!







Tokens of Gratitude: Present

today1I used to dwell in the past and had a habit of blaming myself for failures. I have cried a river. During those times, I am unaware that some hurts I feel were self-inflicted. I almost forgot that God gave me the ability to choose how to deal with my present moment.

I can’t predict the future,
I can’t change the past,
I just have the present moment,
I must treat it as my last! – quoted

It’s been raining here in our place for almost a week now. When it does, we just love to stay inside the house, watch movies, read books, play indoor games like scrabble and eat of course. It’s the time when me and my children bond a lot. We always enjoy cooking and eating. siomaiphoto

Thank GOD for today! This is another opportunity to do good to others, to be with my loved ones, and to make the most of every seconds of my life. May the Almighty bless us all!


Tokens of Gratitude: Captured Moments

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2It  is such  a wonderful feeling to express how grateful we are for everything that’s happening in our lives. This might be late here in my place but in other parts  of  the world, it is still Saturday.


Thank God for giving me an opportunity to capture wonderful moments with my family especially my children. Looking back at those  memories would always be a part of my everyday life. I’m happy to share some of  them with you all!










Life is like a camera…
FOCUS on what’s important,
CAPTURE the good times,
DEVELOP from the negatives,
And if things don’t work out,

Tokens of Gratitude: My Family



Ode of my family by Cranberries is one of my favorite songs.  Aside from its beautiful melody, its lyrics speaks of a parent-child relationship. I strongly believe in the saying, ‘No man is an island’. We cannot deny the fact that we need to interact with others and  having a family of our own makes this experience enjoyable and worthwhile. Furthermore, it is such a great feeling to know that you have something to belong to. A family who will take you just as you are, supports you all the way, and would be happy to see you succeed in life.

Today, I would like to express how grateful I am to Almighty God for giving me a wonderful and awesome family.




When everything goes to hell,
the people who stand by you without flinching – they are your family.
– Jim Butcher