3Line Tales 26: Against All Odds

When love and hate collide,
Lightning and thunder will surely strike
Hold still my dear, together we’ll survive

photo by Breno MachadoBreno Machado

Here’s my take for this weeks Three Line Tales. For full instructions, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. It would be more fun to share your tale with fellow bloggers and read theirs as well. Have a great day!

3Line Tales 25: Jack

Many times I”ve been fooled
And there’s no way, no other tool
But yours, could make my shattered life whole

photo by Ashim D’Silva

Here’s my take for this week’s Three Line Tales. For full instructions, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. Let’s have some fun writing and reading each other’s tales. Have a great day to all!

3Line Tales 24:My Lover

 Lips as red and as sweet as cherries
I know you more than miss
Stares that says you’re my only bliss

photo by Inma Ibanez


Here’s to another mental exercise – writing a Three-liner! For full details, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. I may have missed this activity last week due to personal issues but at least I can catch up. Hope you’ll have fun reading as much as I had fun writing.

3Line Tales 23: Unquenchable

Stares burning with desire
Touch as hot as fire
We’re uncontrollably wired

photo by: Dan Carlson


I won’t let this week pass without partaking with this great event. Three-lining always make my day. For full details, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words.

3Line Tale 22: Worthy

Your smile swept me like a gusting wind
Since I met you in this field of greens
The ride with you was worth until the end


photo by Emiel Molenaar


It’s Three-lining again! As usual I am so excited to partake and share my piece to fellow bloggers. I also enjoy reading their work. If you’d like to join us, kindly visit Only 100 Words. For full instructions, please click here. Good luck!

3Line Tales 21: Parting

Watching the sun fall into sleep
With your embrace and passionate kiss
I wish we could forever stay like this!

photo by Charlie Hang


Cheers to another week of Sonya‘s Three Line Tales! This photo is quite intriguing. It took me more time to come up with an interesting tale. This is another mind-boggling photo prompt. And yet, I enjoyed the moments in between and the sharing as well. You may want to join us, please head on to Only 100 Words for full instructions.

3Line Tales 20: Judgment

Put yourself in my shoes
Feel the way that I do
See what I’m going through

photo by Rosan Harmens

Here’s my take for this week’s Three Line Tales. For instructions,  kindly click this link  here or visit Only 100 Words. Please take time to read posts about this photo prompt this week, you’d be surprised how amazing and artistic our minds could be. Once again, happy three-lining!

3Line Tales 19: Marathon

In this marathon called life
We all share an unending strife
Cheating time ’til we cross the finish line

photo by Martins Zemlickis


Three-lining time once again! Thank’s  to Sonya for coming up with this great mind exercise. It feels good to be able to practice writing a brief and yet meaningful tale. If you would like to join the fun, kindly click here for instructions. Happy reading!

3Line Tales 18: Playboy

Here’s another week of happy three lining! As usual, I am so excited  to  write and share my  take then read and comment on other’s post.


Cupcakes in sight
Fills me with sweet delight
Like some pretty dames I’d bite


photo by Stephanie McCabe


For  full  instructions, kindly click here or visit Sonya‘s blog, Only 100 Words. Enjoy reading!



3Line Tales 17: Wish

Take me to seventh heaven,
Where knows no time nor space
Just a stunning view in my face.

photo by  NASA


Cheers to another week of writing a  Three-liner! And as always, I am delighted to partake in this wonderful mental exercise. This would be more  enjoyable if shared with others. Kindly click here for a detailed instructions  or  simply  visit  Only 100 Words.  Have a great one!