Deep Longing

Ours is a whirlwind romance
Gone with the wind,
With a blink of an eye
From the moment we touched
Electricity is too much
Stares burning with desire
Touch that’s as hot as fire
In just three days and two nights
Heaven in each others arms
I’ll cross oceans of time to find you
Conquer everything if need to
This longing I can’t bear
My heart’s beating like a drum
Can’t you hear?


Cheers to the Daily Prompt – the word ‘Longing‘ saved the day! I can feel the speed of my hands while typing each and every word. This one echoes my sentiments when I was just eighteen. At last!

I Miss You is an
’cause I’d rather say

I’m Sure You Would

Don’t love me for fun boy, love me for a reason and let the reason be LOVE!


Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Have you encountered someone who is a total stranger to you but felt like you’re comfortable and secure with him as if you’ve known him since time immemorial? You just met that person but boom! In the spur of the moment you want to live the rest of your life with him. You might even think that maybe you’re crazy by following your heart but you don’t mind. You’re more than willing to take all the risks and you do believe that the kind of feelings you both have with each other could withstand the test of time.


Not all people experienced this mind-boggling, heart-pounding, inexplicable feeling. So if you’re one of them, I can certainly say that you’ve felt one of the greatest feeling a person could have in this world – indescribable and genuinely ecstatic.

If I’m not…

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Steward Secrets of God

I was very hungry and Bro. Eli was feeding my soul. Why was he speaking that way? Why was he attacking the other religions so bravely? Was he putting the other religions down? I thought religions were true as long as one believed in God.   It was unfair, but he seemed right about everything he said!

By Priscilla Mendoza

I used to be Catholic. Don`t blame me. My Catholic brood had me baptized just a few weeks after I was born. I was baptized without knowing why I should be baptized in Catholic rites. I was a babe, I didn`t know anything.

Mom and Dad never knew any other religion, but that which they were born with. My great grandparents were Spanish and were strictly Catholic. My grandparents followed suit, handed down to us all the Spanish-inspired Catholic rites and doctrines they have embraced through the years-even taught us…

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