Something We’ve Learned

It’s been roughly four consecutive days that I had a hard time blogging due to issues with our ISP (Internet Service Provider). The system was down and I needed to go to an internet cafe to write post for A to Z challenge for I hate to miss a day. I feel sorry not to be able to read posts from blogs I follow, not to mention acknowledging likes, and answering comments. Thank God! it’s all sorted out.

We gained something out of what happened in the past couple of days. Having an internet access for 24 hours and seven days a week had a huge impact with how we kill time and manage boredom in the house.


Furthermore, it affected the way¬†my children bond with each other. Their routine after breakfast: my eldest daughter would sit in front of our desktop to watch Anime’ series, second daughter would grab the remote and turn on the Smart TV, connect it to WiFi and watch YouTube videos, my first born son would grab his Samsung Tab4 and watch MineCraft and lastly, our 2 year old youngest son would ask me to turn on the laptop so he can watch Nursery rhymes. While they’re all busy doing their own things, I will start to do my household chores like cleaning the house, doing the laundry, ironing clothes, and preparing food for our lunch. Continue reading “Something We’ve Learned”

The Artist In Them

Summer vacation is fast approaching, my children will be staying home more often and it means more time to bond and enjoy each other’s company. As a mother, I feel great joy in seeing my children enjoying every moment that they have at home, I don’t want them to feel bored when school days is over.

I am reminded by their activity last year. It was really fun, they bond and learned something new all at the same time. We discovered an activity that would kill time and unleash the artist in them… LOOM BAND MAKING

This activity really measured their patience and determination. Since this is new to them, watching a tutorial in YouTube did a great help.

It’s amazing to see the loom bands they made. I’ve seen how elated they were after they finished their project. I am so proud of their work:


This coming summer vacation, we have so many things in mind but our top priority is to explore their creativity with cross stitching. Whatever happens, the most important is the moments in between.