Weekly Quotes To Ponder 55

After more than a year of accepting the fact that I totally lost the father of my children for good, I’ve told myself several times that I need to stay single until I find someone who is willing to make compromises, who wants to make sure we’re both understood and appreciated. Someone who would do anything to make me feel loved and heard. Someone who’d reciprocate my feelings. A man who can keep up with me.

Online Dating never occurred to mind at first, until I met this guy in Telegram. What seems to be a friendly chat and everyday photo sharing blossomed into something special. I cannot say that we’re into romance because we’re not really into each other. We’re more than friends, that I realized because sometimes we do things that only lovers do. We also share intimate details about each other. The good thing about this man is, he is so discreet. He does have Social Media accounts just like me but he uses it solely for his work or business. I admire him for this and I must admit that he is one of my happy pills these days. He’s from a different country, we have different cultures and upbringing. But despite these differences, we share one thing – we both could speak the English language. Thank God. I still find it hard to believe that out of too many people I’d meet someone from miles away that would be part of my life. Sometimes, we can’t explain what we see in a person, it is in the way they take us to a place where no one else can.



So, I will keep him. I will keep in touch with him as long as he wants to. He already earned a spot in my heart that nobody else can replace. The crazy thing is, he’s hardly ever online. And when he is online, I am not. We sort of wave or send Hi to each other or do voice or video calls if we’re lucky to catch each other online at the same time. But what matters to me is knowing that, when I go online, I see his status on WhatsApp or Skype, I know he’s been active or will be in the next few hours, and that’s enough for me.


That’s it for our Weekly Quotes To Ponder. How about you? Have you ever experienced that sort of relationship described in that quote? That even though we cannot always reply real-time the other person knows and understands that we’re always there for them? I’d be delighted to read your comments. Cheers to us all!

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