My Monthly Memories: May 2019


It’s been about a week since May had ended. Thank God for an opportunity to write #mymonthlymemories post in my blog. This is a monthly blogging event hosted by a gorgeous blogger named, Basant She of The Socially Anxious Extrovert. Nostalgia is one of the things that makes people happy to be alive.


What can I say about May? Well, with two new work from home jobs – both Appointment Setting, (I’m afraid, the other one will possibly be taken away from me). I find it a challenge to juggle between doing things I should do and finding time to detoxify my mind and relax. I know that while I need to work hard to make both ends meet, I also need to take care of my well-being. With this being said, hoarding books and reading them from time to time is a must.

I haven’t had the chance to write in my blog last month and this saddens me. It seems that my blog has always been on the back burner this year. I wonder how others who are also as busy or maybe busier than me were able to maintain their blogs and can still write regularly. I bet it is not only a matter of setting up priorities but more of strong will and determination. Beats me, though. Have you ever pursue something you really want or something you really need that you did everything you can and have gone beyond your means, but in the end, you still failed? I know I am a stubborn person. I am not a quitter and I am result-oriented too. Therefore, due diligence runs in my veins. I don’t do a mediocre job. I always push myself and be the best that I can. That’s why, when things go south, and I failed to meet my goal, it is so frustrating that I almost will have a mental breakdown. Whenever this happens, I would have difficulty in taking control of the situation and will just shut down. Others might think that I already gave up. Wrong. I just need to rest. Change course, think things over, and keep on going. Setbacks are but a part of life, we cannot fight it but we can deal with it a positive way. And oftentimes than not, failures are blessings in disguise. Sometimes, God allows us to be alone, He allows people to turn their backs at us, not to punish us but more so we can trust Him more and teach us to be humble.

Truth be told, I am still struggling to hold back my tears at the moment. I feel as if my heart will explode any moment now because of too many frustrations and disappointments these past few weeks. I am breathing in and out, taking my time to find solace in the midst of all these. And hoping that sooner than later, everything will be alright. I’m sure it is. I am keeping the faith. Cheers to a wonderful June!

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