My Monthly Memories: March 2019


I’ve been having mood swings these past few days and this is getting ridiculous. Like, I am so happy then after a minute or two would be sad, or angry, or pissed, then laughing or crying. I can’t even understand myself anymore. I have a volatile nature but I’ve never had this kind of sudden change of moods in a very long time. No wonder there are few people who can put up with me and dang! I highly appreciate them.

I just had two cups of Coffee Bean brand 3 in 1 coffee in the span of three hours while figuring out on how to deal with this kind of feelings in a positive and productive way. I attempted to log in to my part time job to divert my attention but to no avail. I also tried to listen to music or read a book, but still unable to brush aside such mixed emotions.

I decided to write. Yes, write. Writing is one of my outlets. It is more than self-expression, it is actually a way of detoxifying my mind, getting rid of the burdens in my heart. Thus, helping me balance my moods.


This post is in response to a monthly blogging event called #mymonthlymemories hosted by a gorgeous blogger, Basant She. You may want to check out her blog entitled – The Socially Anxious Extrovert and if you want to join us, please click here. I find reading people’s memorable experiences refreshing and invigorating.

Talk about what happened last month. Oh, I could describe March as a busier, nastier, and wackier month this year, so far. Now, I am smiling from ear to ear. My heart is full, my mind is a bit twisted. But my soul…is adrift in a stream of doubt and fear. I am happy but I am also sad and a bit anxious. I can’t help feeling this way.

My other work from home job which is am afraid, my main source of income is drifting away. We’ve been forced to a halt for one week now and as of this writing, I am not even sure if there is still work to go back to. Out client is so silent, it’s deafening. I am perceptive but I also hate to assume. I asked him indirectly but he just read my private message and haven’t had any response until now. I can’t help but think that maybe this is his way of telling us to find an alternative job or worst, to prepare us for the inevitable. Still, I am keeping the faith. God makes things work for those who put their trust in Him and who acknowledges His mercy and loving-kindness.



Blessings? I lost count, actually. Our youngest turned 5 on March 14th. No fancy celebration, no crowd, no show offs. Believe me, my children prefer this kind of thing. I just bought a cake, a box of their favorite pizza, and 1.5 liter of Royal True Orange. But of course, a present for the birthday celebrant which is a Nerf Gun with small cars as ammunition. Looking back on how delighted my youngest upon getting his birthday present still puts a smile on my face and still brings warmth in my heart. Truly, God has a way of teaching us to be humble, that even small things could still bring so much happiness.


On the 27th of March, our second princess, graduated in primary level. Thank God, despite of our ill feelings for each other, the father of my children still managed to take part on this memorable event. He called via Skype to greet his daughter and she couldn’t be happier. She’s a Daddy’s girl anyway.


Whoa! This must be the longest post that I’ve had this year. Allow me to add the happiness I have in being able to finish my DIY Hanging Bookshelves before saying hello to April.


This is all about March. Cheers to another promising month this April, God’s willing. I am a little calm now. Thank God for the opportunity to partake in this writing exercise. May we all find and do things that makes us happy to be alive.

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