Weekly Quotes To Ponder 49

Being a single mother of four and a full-time home-based Appointment Setter, I am so obsessed with my space and alone time. Juggling from taking care of my children, doing household chores and working hard to make both ends meet could be tedious and quite stressful. So if I want to talk consistently to a few people, or to a particular person, they must realize how special they are to me.

As I moved on from a toxic relationship, more than five months ago, I’ve tried online dating. Truth be told, I am new on this platform and I am not really comfortable. But I’ve heard and read stories about successful relationships and figured, there’s no harm in trying.


For a work from home mother, earning online is really a big help. So even simple online tasks like answering a survey, pay-per-click, transcription jobs, etc. creates a stream of income. I’ve met this guy from India on a platform called Telegram. We started a chat then when we became comfortable enough, started to send photos of each other almost every day. I like him and I think he feels the same way. However, given the difference in our location not to mention I am 14 years older, I knew from the start that we cannot have a serious relationship. Well, I am still trying to convince myself how ridiculous I sounded, like ‘ what am I thinking?’ I did not expect anything, I always tell myself but there are times I can’t help but feel a little emotional attachment and I know that it’s not good. For all its worth, I always feel good whenever we chat, more when we exchange photos.

The saddest word in the whole wide world is the word – ALMOST.

One thing I noticed with him, though. He always guards himself, at least that’s my interpretation. For example, I’d asked him once, what am I to him, he would answer me I’m more than a friend but less than a lover. He would always say, we don’t know what the future holds so we might as well enjoy the present moment, make the most of whatever good that’s happening to us. I know his point but sometimes I can’t help but think that this kind of man is scared of commitment. He is someone who prefers to play safe than take risks. We’re poles apart. And it makes me sick at times, yet I can’t completely cut him out. I’m such a mess.

That’s it for our 49th Weekly Quotes To Ponder. I’d be delighted to know your thoughts, please write a comment below. Thank you!