Weekly Quotes To Ponder 46

I’ve been having an emotional roller coaster ride this week, truth be told. I’m afraid there is no word to describe how intense and overwhelming the feelings I have in the recent events in my life. From being totally separated from my live-in partner of 12 years last May to having a virtual American boyfriend, that lasted for barely four months and leaving an agency I’ve worked with since last year.

Surely, life is full of surprises. My heart is full today. Labored breathing but in a good-natured way. Eyes almost bulging because of too many tears I shed an hour ago. Too grateful that I cannot utter a word or two.

This is supposed to be my schedule for our ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder 46‘. I figured I could incorporate my random thoughts and let go of a few skeletons in my closet. So without further ado…



For those who follow my blog for quite some time now, I think you guys already have an idea about my past relationship with the father of my children. How I put everything I have to hold on to it and keep it. Sadly, there are just things that are beyond our control and I finally accepted our fate – to live separate lives in the end. I’ve learned that once a woman realized her worth, she could be unstoppable. I am surprised that I could get over him. Fascinated, actually. I could say that I am happier, more peaceful, and more optimistic. Life these days is quite tough financially (he refused to give financial support upon knowing I replaced him as soon) not to mention the negative impact on my children when it comes to getting in touch with their father. But aside from these two things, I and my children are holding up.


I have always been raw and straight-forward. I know most people became repulsive with my attitude but I cannot have it any other way. I just can’t tolerate hypocrisy. And I always try my best to stand with what I believe no matter what and don’t care much about what others may think or say. Others may conceive this negatively as they would think that I am insensitive or something. But on the contrary, I am too emotional a person that I could easily burst into tears in an instant. Deep inside me, I care so much, I just chose to keep it by myself. This brought me to a habit of reading books especially Suspense thriller, Courtroom dramas, and Psychological Thrillers. I am always mesmerized by peeking into another person’s psyche and analyzing why people feel the way they feel at a certain moment. I am proud to say that the things I’ve learned from reading became essential in dealing with different kinds of people in my everyday life. I became more understanding and kinder to another soul.


How about you? What is your take about the quote above? I’d be delighted to read your thoughts. Have a nice one!




Unquenchable thirst,
My needs and wants, insatiable
Like water from a well;
Black, deep thoughts, strange
Oblivious and yet, eager to change.


photo by pixabay


Cheers to another week of writing a TANKA poetry. I am grateful that I have time to partake in this blogging event hosted by my blogger-friend, KIWINANA of RAMBLINGS of a WRITER. 

I always find pleasure in writing a poetry and I can’t wait to read other entries. You may want to join the fun, for instructions, kindly click here: Have a wonderful week, everyone!