Weekly Quotes To Ponder 45


Time for our ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ I’m so glad I now have time to write despite my busy schedule. Being a single mother and a home-based Appointment Setter is not that easy. Time management is a challenge, so multi-tasking skills come in handy.

The quote above is a spot on. I believe, most men would agree that women are difficult creatures to understand let alone deal with. Our name tag, as a woman, is the word contradiction. Therefore it takes a lot of patience, love, determination, and strong will to fully grasp our whole being. But don’t get me wrong here, gentlemen, I am not trying to discourage you or create a negative impression, I am just sharing something that you could ponder and use to your advantage if you really wanted to pursue the woman of your dreams.


I am not going crazy. I AM CRAZY. I just turn normal from time to time.