3Lines Tales 41: Give In



Bury my pride
Reach out in the open
Hold my sanity, heart in chain


Hello, wonderful people! It’s been a very long time since I joined Sonya’s Three Line Tales. I more than miss it. So here I am, making up for all the loss. I can’t help but smile at this. You may want to join us too. For instructions, kindly click here:

TANKA : Coincidence


He came after her
Not knowing what life has to offer.
He said this is no coincidence
True love always finds its way.
She said, his mind is in disarray.


***Tanka poem is very similar to Haiku but it has more syllables and it uses simile, metaphor, and personification. There are five lines in a Tanka.





Weekly Quotes To Ponder 41



Hello, wonderful people in blog-o-sphere! It’s been awhile since I’ve written a ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ post. For the benefit of those who just visited or stumbled upon this blog, I would like to say that this is supposed to be an every Wednesday feature. However, due to circumstances beyond my control, this part of my blog have taken into hiatus for the past couple of months.

No man is an island‘, as the saying goes. I’m sure most of us would agree that we need other people to survive in this world. The quote above resonated with me. I’ve been stuck in a difficult situation these days and is almost on the verge of giving up. I’ve never felt so worthless in my life, not until last week, where I failed miserably in resolving the financial crisis that we have. I lost my full-time work-from-home job, my internet connection has been restrained due to my unpaid balance, not to mention the lack of financial support from my partner abroad. I can’t help but wonder, how could this world be so cruel to me that it’s doing everything it could to pin me down?

Today, I just nailed down a new Telemarketing job with the help of a friend who is actually struggling with a more financial crisis than I could possibly imagine. Her family could hardly eat a decent meal a day. And yet here she is, still able to help others in her own way. I am so blessed to have known her. I pray to our God Almighty that she would be able to hang on and survive her own troubles.

I may not be able to do so much for her for now but I gave her some words of encouragement and assured her that if there’s anything I can do to help her, she need not think twice to reach out to me. As I always say, the best is yet to come…

I would be delighted to read your thoughts about the quote I shared. Have a wonderful week to you all!



I just had an interview with a prospective client. I could still hear the beating of my heart. Too loud that my eardrums are almost blown apart. And to my chagrin, he did very well in pointing out every grammatical error I committed in the entire interview. I then started to utter, ‘Mother Mary, comfort me’ at the back of my head. The more I feel conscious the more that I lost focus.


That moment is supposed to be mine. A moment where I could shine the brightest. In an instant, all preparations I’ve made have been gone in thin air. Am I to expect an employment out of that disaster. I don’t think so.

When we are easily distracted, we eventually lost our focus that’s why it is very important to arm ourselves with a strong will in each and every battle we face in this life. A will that could not be easily shaken. Do you agree?


The Novelist


For days, she dreaded to look at her reflection in the mirror. Twenty-four by seven, seven days a week. These words kept on reverberating in her head. Then it would be followed by a certain memory that kept bugging her every time she would attempt to examine her life these past few months. ‘Yours is a face that could launch a thousand ships.’ She heard it from the very man she hold dear. He’s long gone. But their memories are as vivid as her wild imagination. She is a novelist by heart.

Born with a silver spoon, she always thought that she is the master of her own universe. That she can just rearrange the stars to her favor and all circumstances will bow and kneel before her. Someone who wouldn’t accept no for an answer. She is, indeed, full of herself.

That was the last entry. She’s been working on her fifth novel for nth weeks now. Turning the moon into the sun, the sun into the moon and yet she’s still unable to finish the introduction. So, everything is wrong with her now? She thought, she can always cheat time. She’s pathetic. Coffee is now coursing through her veins. Sleep deprivation has taken its toll on her once radiant face.

She fought tooth and nail to have that confidence to look at herself in the mirror.
At an instant, she whispered softly … ‘time to pamper me‘.

Beyond Hope #SoCS

beyond.jpgI have never felt this cold before. It’s as if I am inside a refrigerator waiting to be frozen to death and to meet oblivion. I feel more than numb, the excruciating pain I felt a couple of minutes ago is gone. I fell into a deep slumber. But before my consciousness left me, I finally utter my last prayer, that if ever fate would be kind enough to wake me up, I would be given a chance to find the man of my dreams alone and free.



I ache to see his eyes burn for me, so intense that it could melt my heart in seconds. I want to feel the warmth of his touch, that lingering embrace that makes me feel secure. I would love to see us holding hands in public. Kissing me softly in front of other people. I would like to show the whole world that he is mine and I am his. That our love could outshine even the hotness of the sun.



This is in response to a Saturday blogging event hosted by Linda G. Hill entitled, Stream of Consciousness Saturday 

This may be late but better be late than never. Cheers!

Imagination Without Limits at Carpe Diem Haiku Kai



break free

Hi there people! It’s been awhile since I joined a blogging event because of my full-time work as a Freelancer. But since we don’t have work for this week, I have time to write on my blog and I couldn’t be happier.

Above is my entry for this ‘Experimental Haiku’ that tells a story with a minimum of words. If you’re following this blog, you’ll know that I am fond of writing brief and meaningful tale out of stunning photo prompts.