3Line Tales 40: Lights

Blurry images making me blind
Still, it beacons hope that once left me behind
Finding my soul, declutters my mind.


I’ve missed two Three Line Tales week, I feel sorry about it. And I’d hate myself more if I skip this chance to write something out of this fascinating photo prompt. Looking at it makes me feel a bit dizzy. Yet, I can’t help but tell a brief tale that came rushing through my head. My fingers can’t even keep up with my mind while typing at my keyboard. What a muse!

You may also want to experience the joy and excitement of writing a Three Liner out of photo prompts provided by Sonya of Only 100 Words. For details, kindly click here.

3 thoughts on “3Line Tales 40: Lights

  1. Oh my — so lovely ❤ I, too, am sad to say I've missed a few Three Line Tales. I think I'll be going back and adding them to my blog, even though the entry is 'officially' over. I've been much more active on Instagram and following Sonya's progression through her rediscovery of her artistic talent. I've been focusing on family issues and so many changes. Life can get the better of us, but I love having a blog, and a writing community, to recenter and focus my writing hobby. Thank you so much for reconnecting with me — it's been far too long!

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    1. Same here my dear. Family issues especially financial crisis hit me as hard, I almost reach rock bottom but thank God, I am still managing to keep my sanity and forcing myself to believe that these awful things should pass. When we’re in the midst of difficulties, it’s really hard to focus and to think positive. So having a blog helps in a way. Writing and reading relaxes me. Thank you also for being thoughtful despite of the fact that I’ve been MIA last month. Blessings to you!

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      1. No worries! We’re here to support each other {or at least I am!!}. Sometimes it just takes one post to lead to another, and then get back into a groove -you- are comfortable with. “And miles to go before I sleep”….

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