Weekly Quotes To Ponder 35


I just got a notification from WordPress that I’ve reached my 5th year anniversary! Well, technically, I did registered last five years ago but it was only January of last year that I started writing posts. Though I don’t consider this as an anniversary in blogging, I still want to celebrate and express how grateful I am to be able to fulfill my long time dream of having a blog. It truly is, amazing!

The joy and happiness I’ve felt when I first had my first follower, the first like and comment I received from a fellow blogger followed by so many is something I would cherish for the rest of my life. And with such things, I am more inspired to share my thoughts and feelings that I believe would touch another soul in one way or another and would somehow help others to at least lighten their burden, shed light amidst darkness and confusion, or bring hope through creative writing.


Writing for me is freedom at its very sense. When I write, I can live more than one life and walk more than one path. I can escape reality and dictate whatever the ending I want. I can make my¬† failures a success, I can twist even the untwisted. It’s my echoes against my silence.

How about you? What are your thoughts about writing? I’d be happy if you’d share yours. God bless everyone!