Death Note : I’m Hooked

Hi there people! Literally, I am hooked up with watching Anime’s these past few days that I find it hard to devote an ample time to write in my blog. Another thing is, I don’t really want to write for the sake of writing because for me, I wouldn’t be able to offer you something with more substance and I don’t want that.




Since we’re talking about Anime, I would like to share a few quotes from the most recent show that I’ve watched in YouTube – Death Note. This would also be an attempt to share my thoughts about the story as a whole – something like a review, but not exactly (I am not into reviews, actually). I just can’t help but say something about this amazing and mind-boggling show.



Death note is not your typical anime series. Its storyline is brilliant and somewhat unique in a sense that it presents the viewers a highly debatable theme about morals and justice. The concept itself is interesting, the main characters are amazing – Light Yagami and L. The battle of two geniuses and the cat and mouse chase scenes would leave you dropping your jaw and twisting your minds.



If you want to be entertained in your free time, and you’re into anime thingy, I highly recommend you watch this show. I’m certain it’s worth a try.