Monday Morning Melts: Your Choice

Monday Morning Melts is  here again! I’m glad I can catch up. I feel sorry not to be able to partake last week. Anyhow, today’s ‘Song Prompt’ would be Jason Mraz – In Your Hands. This is actually the first time that I’ve heard this song and I could say that the lyrics is great and it’s beat is soothing to the ear. Perfect for moments of silence and meditating.

Here’s my take, hope you’ll like it:


Never would I deceive myself
Though my love for you can’t be helped
Can’t afford to live a lie
Faking others that you are mine
I could give you all I have
Everything, so don’t ever doubt
But know you can still be free
If you don’t want to stay you can flee
Keep me ’cause you love me
Reasons other than that, won’t suffice…