Weekly Quotes To Ponder 31

I always say that I welcome change, but the truth is… I dreaded it. I tend to live with my comfort zone and go with the flow as long as I can see that everything’s in place. I always hated complications. I want things to be plain and simple and I don’t see anything wrong about it. I can just brush away any disagreements and move on even if it means giving in, giving up my pride. For me, life is more precious to be wasted with quarrels, resentments, and bitterness.

changeIt’s been about one year, four months, and twenty-six days since I quit my job as a Technical Support Representative to be a stay-at-home mother. Ever since my partner left to work overseas, I am left with no other choice – we can’t find a suitable Nanny for my then one-year-old son not to mention taking care of my other three children. Being a working mom for almost ten years made my life worth living. I was able to provide my family a decent home, regular meal, and perks like buying not only what their needs but also their wants. Aside from that, I am not good in housekeeping. My partner took care of household chores and our children before. All I do is work, sleep, and eat. But hey, I worked pretty hard, as in, thirteen hours a day, six days a week to be able to make both ends meet. These things made it hard for me to adjust and until now, it is still more than a struggle and yet I have to face change no matter what not only for me but more for the sake of my children. I may have lost something very important to me but I also learned so much and became closer to my children. I’ve never been this happy in my life – to be able to stay with them most of the time, to attend to their needs and to bond with them more often. It is indeed priceless. I can’t thank God enough!


How about you? Do you fear change or welcome it with open arms, embrace it and look forward positively? I would be delighted if you’d share your thoughts about this. Have a nice day!