My Monthly Memories: October 2K16


Time to reminisce what transpired last month! As usual, I am so excited to share it to the world. I always look forward to this blogging event called My Monthly Memories hosted by a pretty blogger, Basant She.

October indeed have been good to me. I’ve finally gave rest in contemplating with what could have been and stopped beating up myself for my failures. I decided to live in the present and do whatever I can to make the most of every moment that God is giving me. Hoping you would agree that  there’s good things out of every mess that we encounter in this life.

orch.jpgI love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…

By the way, I would like to share one of my favorite TANKA poetry entitled, Pissed. Ever since it was introduced by a friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer I can’t help but partake for I really enjoyed the challenge and find it relaxing to unleash the poet in me. You may also want to check my Three Line Tales which is also a poetry challenge I partake every Thursday hosted by Sonya of Only 100 Words. I always find pleasure in writing and reading brief tales out of fascinating and intriguing photo prompts.

I can’t help but wonder how fast paced the world revolves around us. Two more months and year 2016 is over. Truly, time won’t wait for us. It is up to us to keep up and make every second, every tick of the clock, and every breath we take worthy. Tomorrow is not promised and yesterday is gone. What we have is today and we should make the most of it. And yet, we still need to look forward to the future, cling to the hopes inside us, and hold firm to our faith in order to survive. May we all find peace every day in the midst of all the struggles and difficulties.

Saying HELLO November! Be good and be mild please. Cheers!