Weekly Quotes To Ponder 27

In about 10 months of blogging, I already made 200 posts and have 265 followers. Time fleets so fast, sometimes I could hardly keep up. Today is another ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ moment. And I’m on my 27th post so far. Amazing!


I stumbled upon my daughter’s laptop while cleaning her room, she sometimes leave it open when she’s in a hurry. Google chrome window is still open, I couldn’t help but check what website it’s on. I found this – May I Lick It Off For You?. This is some kind of short story or article written by her in a certain website. I know she’s into writing and I am actually the first one who encouraged her to continue doing it. After reading, I realized how far she improved with her grammar and I think she even found her niche as early as now. However, I am a bit anxious about the stories or fiction she’s writing about. For me, it’s too adult for her age (she just turned 14 last July). And to be honest, I don’t know how to react and as much as I want to confront her, I don’t know how? I’m quite confused and a bit scared at the same time. Having internet access 24/7 is really making children aware of things not yet suitable for their age. I must admit that technology is a boon and  curse for teenagers.


I do agree with the quote above. I could see it my daughters. They may got some of my talents but they are way better than I am when I was their age, honestly. I am still a one proud mom, somehow. And I can definitely say that my eldest daughter is morphing into a brilliant lady who knows how to find happiness and fulfillment in her own way. I’m not to hinder her for enjoying and making the most of her teenage life. I’m here to guide her and make her feel she’s loved no matter what.

May God bless us all!





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