3Line Tales 33: Destiny

A once in a lifetime climb
With your hands holding mine
Atop this tower our fates entertwined.

photo by: William Bout

Here’s my take for this week’s Three Line Tales. Come and join us and enjoy reading and writing a brief tale out of an amazing photo prompt. For instructions, kindly click here.

Under Spell

yathoriRidiculous it may sound
I must admit it’s profound
But whenever I’m down
When I’m wearing a frown
Or alone in a town
You act more than a clown
Bring my feet on the ground
You are one of a kind
I don’t mind if I’m blind
As long as you’re by my side
With our love I take pride
It’s worth all of the ride!

TANKA 13:Worthy


Staring back at me
A stranger in the clear waters
Tears dripping like crystals
Couldn’t hold back a smile
Being free is worth all sacrifice!

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Weekly Quotes To Ponder 29



Time for our ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ feature folks!

Sometimes when we want something so desperately, we tend to do things that are beyond our means just to get it. We push ourselves to our limits to ensure a positive result. Then once we failed, we cannot help but feel more than frustrated. Some people may even beat themselves up for their inability to attain their goal. I used to be this way.

For the benefit of my new readers, let me repeat myself, I am a risk-taker. I’d rather cross the line and suffer the consequences than just staring at that line for the rest of my life. I believe that we only regret the things we didn’t do when we had the chance.

A friend once told me that there should never be feelings of regrets as long as we did everything we could to get what we need or want. It took me a couple of years to realize the truth behind this statement. I have been a stubborn person back then. I almost forgot or maybe don’t want to accept the fact that there are things in this life that are beyond our control. Since I am a free-spirited person, I hate being confined in a box or being tied into something that limits my moves or my freedom. For me, imprisonment is taboo.


Lately, I realized that we are actually slaves at some point. There are things we need to do every day and once we failed to do these it affects our chance of survival. There’s no point in fighting back these urges. As days go by, I am learning the ‘art of acceptance’ and it makes life more bearable and worthy.


Tokens of Gratitude: RAIN



Hi there people! It’s ‘BER‘ months again. It’s the time of the year when ‘Rainy Season‘ is at its peak here in the Philippines. For me, it is a perfect time to stay in the house in hibernation. While I like the sound of the rain as I lay in my bed, it also gives me a feeling of sadness, it brings back painful memories too. It’s like a teardrop of someone who cannot hold back the pain and cannot do anything but show the world how depressing life can be sometimes. But just like rain that waters the soil for plants to grow, tears could wash away bitterness and resentments too. Thus, trials and difficulties, heartbreaks and failures are necessary to hone our characters and make us a better person in the end. The choice is ours.

Anyone who thinks that sunshine is pure happiness, has never danced in the rain.

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

Today, I give thanks to God Almighty for creating ‘rain’. I wouldn’t be this resilient and strong have I not encounter any difficulties and I may not appreciate happiness more have I not known sadness. Truly, God knows what’s best for us all! Cheers!


3Line Tales 32: Child

photo by: Ben Rosett

Push the swing so high
I’d want to touch the blue sky
As the wind embrace me tight.

Here’s my entry for this week’s 3Line Tales. Thank you, Sonya of Only 100 Words for another intriguing photo prompt. I enjoyed this mental exercise, as usual. Fellows, if you’d like to join the fun, kindly click here for instructions.

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 28


Truth be told, I already forgot what life felt like before he came along. How could I? I’ve found someone who wants to learn every aspect of who I am. For the first few months of being together, he never fail to make me feel important. Just being with him is happiness. Seeing him smile is more than a pleasure. And I knew that he’s the one I would want to share my all until I breath my last. This faith kept me holding on and made me believe that true love knows no boundaries, and it measures no time nor space.


But recently, I’ve found myself questioning my so-called faith. And in the wee hours of the night, when the whole world is fast asleep, I lay in my bed, tossing and turning. Thinking of any reason why a love that seems so strong and true is actually full of lies and deceit. I’m in denial stage.

The quote above summarizes it all. There are things in this life that is beyond our control. That sometimes, letting go doesn’t always mean we give up or we are weak. I am learning to accept what happened in the past and is now trying to put back the pieces of my trampled self and begin anew.

How about you? How are you dealing with failures? I would be delighted to read your comments. May God bless us all!



Pathway of blinding light
Summons me as I lost my sight
A long forgotten past
Came crashing hard and fast
Experience of an out cast

Cheers to another day of writing a TANKA poetry – a challenge I always enjoy hosted by a friend blogger Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. You may want to join the fun. For instructions, kindly click here. Have a wonderful week everyone!

3LineTales 31:Yours Truly

photo by: Mike Wilson

Three-lining time once again! This is one of the hardest and most challenging photo prompt actually. Can’t wait to read my entry? Here it is:


As I lay here tired and weak
All I ache is your warm embrace
This my dear is not lip service


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TANKA 11: Pissed

Time for another TANKA poetry challenge folks. Here’s my take:

The swell in my eyes
Foamy waves and darkened skies
Are my wrath in disguise
Beware lest I caught you off guard
I’ll surely tear you apart


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