Living In The Present

There are moments when I am more than eager to write down exactly what or how I feel but somehow, I can’t lift my fingers to type in my keyboard. My eyes, transfixed in front of my desktop, trying so hard to spill the words to release the heaviness in my chest. I would find myself staring in blank space for hours. It seems there are no appropriate words to describe the emotions that consume my whole being. I thought I cannot get out of that emotional roller coaster ride yesterday. Thank God it’s over! I’m back on my feet and ready to face this day.




Today, I decided to do what I can, with what I have and what I know, where I am and that’s enough. 

Yes, you’ve read it right. This very present is my truth at the moment! I am now doing the laundry while cleaning the house and cooking our breakfast and lunch. I’m doing all these things with enthusiasm. I don’t want to lose my momentum. Every once in a while I am attending my hyperactive two-year-old son. I never enjoyed mommy duties other than having a bonding time with my adorable children.




What I enjoyed the most is watching Anime series with them while eating. Yu Yu Hakusho is one of our favorites. I love everything about it – the plot, the characters, and the story as a whole. If you’d like to watch it, you can click here. If you’re into anime thing, I’m sure you’d enjoy it. Have a nice day to us all!



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