Sudden Twist

I once disclosed that I am not fond of pets and the only reason we have cats and a dog in the house is because of my children. Until now, it still holds true. However, something unexpected happened today. I never had a slightest thought, never ever dreamed of it. What transpired undeniably turned my world spinning and changed my perception of having pets forever.




Sentimental fools are prone to emotional attachment so to speak. Maybe that’s the main reason I preferred not to have any pets. I must admit, I fear emotional attachment just as I fear it with someone I knew would leave me eventually. I cannot bear to see myself losing someone so dear. For me, it would be more than torture to face detachment.

My eyes is still swollen for I’ve cried the whole day. Seeing my son’s pet, Waffle (a Chihuahua) vomiting and excreting a bloody stool broke my heart into tiny pieces. Alarmed, I rushed the puppy in the nearby Veterinary Clinic. Suspected of Parvovirus the vet immediately administered antibiotics and an IV fluid for the puppy is almost dehydrated. He dispatched us with a prescription and taught me how to treat it at home. In about an hour after we arrived, there’s no sign that the medicine that has been given is taking into effect. The most horrifying part is seeing it gasping for breath as its life slowly extinguished. At that very moment, I am talking to the puppy as if I am talking to a real person. In the midst of every sob, asking it to fight for its life.

Mixed emotions enveloped me as I saw the puppy lying in rigor mortis – pain, regret, longing. It took me couple of minutes to think straight on what to do next. I decided not to wait for my first born son to arrive from school to bury his pet, I want him to remember Waffle as a playful and sweet companion not a sick and dead animal.


I felt these emotions before – when my father died. I never thought I would feel the same with just a pet. It’s hard for me to accept this fact. But if there’s one thing I’ve learned from this experience, it is what we call, compassion. This heart of mine, it may be too small in size but it can touch and hold so much. I am still heart broken, so is my son upon learning about what happened to his pet. It may take days to recuperate from the loss, but we’re not rushing things here. In time, it will come to pass but for now we’ll just let this feelings be. Cheers!






TANKA 7: Alone


Droplets of rain
Drenched her with pain
It’s water, tastes bittersweet
While she walked down the streets
Her thoughts run so deep

Here’s another photo prompt that made made my day! Another TANKA poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger – Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. For instructions, kindly click here. I can’t wait to read your take. Hoping that you’d enjoy reading mine. Good luck!