Cheating One’s Self

At times, people choose to bark at the wrong tree to wash their hands from their sins. They would make others feel guilty and go on living as if they’ve done nothing wrong. Such desperate move and so pathetic!


We’re all guilty of wearing a mask, of creating a nonchalant sophisticated facade at some point in our lives. We have different reasons for doing so. Though sometimes our reasons seem acceptable, in my own opinion, it may jeopardize our relationship with others, especially with our relatives and friends.



According to The Science of Influence  blog hosted by Dr. Michael Pantalon;

Technically, you are using “Reverse Psychology” when you intentionally and strongly argue in favor of a decision or behavior while secretly wanting the receiver of your argument to endorse the opposite decision or behavior. It works because none of us like to be told what to do, so much so, that we often do the opposite of what we’re being pressured to do simply to re-establish our freedom or what psychologists call “autonomy,” perhaps the most powerful non-survival-based motivator.

There’s nothing wrong with using ‘Reverse Psychology‘ as long as the intention is good. Unfortunately, it has been misused by most people to make others feel guilty and get away from the wrongs that they did. Making someone feel responsible for the negative outcome of the wrong deeds that you’ve done is such a coward move. I pity the person who is buying this kind of tactic.


While we may convince others that we didn’t do anything wrong, we knew deep inside that we’re guilty and no matter how hard we try, we knew that we cannot lie to ourselves. If you’re guilty of doing these things, I encourage you to step up and be brave to liberate yourself. Your peace of mind is in your hands and it’s waiting to be realized. Cheers!


My Monthly Memories: August 2K16


Gosh! Another month gone? Time flies so fast that sometimes it’s too real to grasp! Well, life’s a fleeting song of various genres and we are the singers. With God’s help and mercy, we can sing some songs that could change our world in a blink of an eye.

There are so many things that happened last August. Mostly challenging (talking about personal struggles here). I tried my best not to affect my writing but it did got the better of me in the last two weeks of the month. I must admit that I lost my muse. Thank God, it’s back and I’m now ready to write again with enthusiasm.

By the way, this is in response to a monthly blogging event called My Monthly Memories hosted by a pretty blogger named, Basant She. Writing an archive of what transpired in a particular month makes me feel wonderful and inspired. Such a brilliant idea!

wow1I love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…

Talking about blogging, I must admit that I am not that happy because I only have 11 articles this month and most of them are poems. A natural for someone who consider herself a poet by heart and a hopeless romantic at the same time. You may want to check this out, AFTERMATH an entry for WordPress’ Daily Prompts, Craving. This is actually one of my favorites.

As of this writing, I already have more than 250 followers. Thank God! My blog is still thriving despite of the fact that I’ve only written few articles these past few weeks. I am grateful for having such wonderful followers and readers as well.

Cheers to a promising September to all of us!