TANKA 6: Mother



Lemons before my eyes
Reminds me of my mother‘s smile
Life sometimes may be sour,
Yet her faith never goes south
Always hopeful in every bout.

Cheers to another TANKA poetry! I just love to write a brief tale out of amazing photo prompt just like this one. By the way, this is a different poetry challenge hosted by my friend blogger, Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer.

I would be delighted if you would take time to read our entries, more if you’d join us with writing too. I’m so excited to read your work! For instructions, kindly click here

3Line Tales 27: Struck

Cupid’s bow pierced in my heart
Every detail of you tattooed in my mind
Adorned with silver bought with great price

photo by Alex Hockett

Cheers to another week of Three-Lining! I’m glad I did find time to partake. Too bad, I wasn’t able to join the activity last week.

For instructions, kindly click here. Better yet, visit Only 100 Words. It feels great to write and read brief and amazing tales. Have a wonderful day!