A soul cut in half
Master of hollow laugh
Being tough is a must
Holding on ’til it last

He doesn’t have any heart
Playing games from the start
He can just torn heart apart
Can seduce, can’t give love

Fill her heart with disgust
But she can’t do just that
She can’t barely stand
Soon as she caught his glance

She’s just another woman in town
Craving for his loving arms
Smile that turned her world upside down
Her heart beats like a drum

She stayed with his life
Though he played side by side
Until no more tears when she cry
No more fears when they part

Never thought hers would ebb
Can’t believe she could leave
Someone she hold so dear
Letting go took nth years

Feelings of no regret
Their forever’s a myth
Scars of their past,
Made her better at last!

TANKA 3: Failed


Remnants of the past
It’s too beautiful to outlast
Guilty of treason
Both lost sense of direction
Forgot to explore their options

I always enjoy writing a poetry. This is another poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. I usually write in free verse, so this is quite different, I don’t even know if I was able to follow the write format, honestly but I hope I did. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

For a detailed instructions, kindly click here. I’d love to read yours as well, come join in!

3Line Tales 24:My Lover

 Lips as red and as sweet as cherries
I know you more than miss
Stares that says you’re my only bliss

photo by Inma Ibanez


Here’s to another mental exercise – writing a Three-liner! For full details, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. I may have missed this activity last week due to personal issues but at least I can catch up. Hope you’ll have fun reading as much as I had fun writing.