TANKA 5: Purged


Heart and mind’s racing
Tears stream down her lovely cheeks
Blinded and consumed her in weeks
Yet its water cleanse her mess
She’s braver now to face her quest!

I can’t help but partake in this Weekly TANKA Challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger, Kiwinana. Please join us and feel the fun of writing and reading poetry. For a detailed instructions kindly click here.  You should visit her awesome blog, Ramblings of a Writer and enjoy substantial reads. That’s it for now, have a great one!


3Line Tales 26: Against All Odds

When love and hate collide,
Lightning and thunder will surely strike
Hold still my dear, together we’ll survive

photo by Breno MachadoBreno Machado

Here’s my take for this weeks Three Line Tales. For full instructions, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. It would be more fun to share your tale with fellow bloggers and read theirs as well. Have a great day!

Liebster Award


I am really honored to receive this award from a fellow blogger, Anuradha Mukherjee of Aromas of My Kitchen. You may want to visit her lovely blog. I always enjoy reading her home-made and lots of love recipes.


This is actually, long overdue. But I still wanted to share this with you all. So without further ado, I would share 11 facts about myself as part of the rule:

  1.  I can be too simple and yet complicate things at times.
  2. Too transparent that others can easily see what or how I feel once they look at my eyes.
  3.  I am an impulsive buyer.
  4. A helpless romantic and yet a realist.
  5. Easy to be mad but quick to forgive.
  6. Haven’t experienced riding a plane yet.
  7. A risk-taker by heart, I prefer to take a hard and challenging route in life than the easy and boring ones.
  8.  I can spend a month in hibernation in a room near the sea, feeling the breeze while lying in a cozy bed listening to my favorite songs while reading books.
  9. One of my happiest moment is spending time with my children eating delicious foods.
  10.  I am more inspired to write articles and poems in the heights of being lazy.
  11.  I am a nocturnal person. I prefer to do household chores when everyone in the house is fast asleep.

Now, to answer Anuradha‘s 11 questions: Continue reading “Liebster Award”

Love in a Mess


Tantalizing eyes, sweet smile, touch that sends a shiver down her spine, and even the way his hair dance in the wind is more than enough to mesmerize her. His presence always makes her heart beat so fast, she could hardly catch her breath. Her vanity, flattered by his constant expressions of love, captured her whole being. She finally found her knight in a shining armor, her soulmate. No other man could reach her deepest thoughts nor touch her very soul but him. They shared something peculiar. They’ve been to places only real lovers could reach. These moments with him, are the moments she would want to seize. If they could only stay this way. Continue reading “Love in a Mess”

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 25

…there can be pride in vulnerability.
Honesty is maturity.
And really, it’s the things that did kill me,
that made me. – J. Raymond

We, humans have protective instincts. These gut feelings could help us dodge the things that may harm us. Because of this, we tend to wear a mask without being aware of it. This cruel world we live in, is always making us believe that admitting defeat is a sign of weakness. But that is not true! On the other hand, it is actually a sign of strength. Giving in is somewhat synonymous to being defeated. But the latter is a as fickle as the minds of those people who refuse to eat their pride and chose to harbor a grudge. These people would not know peace of mind and would always find it hard to find real happiness. I’d rather agree to disagree than to argue with a person who have a heart of stone and a closed mind. At the end of the day, it is me who let go of all the negative baggage inside me, ready to face another day with tranquility.

contI would always strive to be true to myself and to others. Even if I would have to show how vulnerable I am. For those things that hurt me, things that scared me, and killed me, are the things that made me a better person these days.

How about you? What are your thoughts about the quote above? I would be delighted to read your comments. Have a wonderful week to you all!

TANKA 4: Suitor

Steep & Green

This cliff so steep
Makes me think of you so deep
Fresh as this green leaves
Is my love that I can’t keep
Why it’s hard for you to believe?

This is in response to a weekly TANKA poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. You may want to visit her awesome blog. For a detailed instructions, kindly click here. I enjoyed writing a brief and yet meaningful poem. Come join us!

3Line Tales 25: Jack

Many times I”ve been fooled
And there’s no way, no other tool
But yours, could make my shattered life whole

photo by Ashim D’Silva

Here’s my take for this week’s Three Line Tales. For full instructions, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. Let’s have some fun writing and reading each other’s tales. Have a great day to all!



A soul cut in half
Master of hollow laugh
Being tough is a must
Holding on ’til it last

He doesn’t have any heart
Playing games from the start
He can just torn heart apart
Can seduce, can’t give love

Fill her heart with disgust
But she can’t do just that
She can’t barely stand
Soon as she caught his glance

She’s just another woman in town
Craving for his loving arms
Smile that turned her world upside down
Her heart beats like a drum

She stayed with his life
Though he played side by side
Until no more tears when she cry
No more fears when they part

Never thought hers would ebb
Can’t believe she could leave
Someone she hold so dear
Letting go took nth years

Feelings of no regret
Their forever’s a myth
Scars of their past,
Made her better at last!

TANKA 3: Failed


Remnants of the past
It’s too beautiful to outlast
Guilty of treason
Both lost sense of direction
Forgot to explore their options

I always enjoy writing a poetry. This is another poetry challenge hosted by a wonderful blogger Kiwinana of Ramblings of a Writer. I usually write in free verse, so this is quite different, I don’t even know if I was able to follow the write format, honestly but I hope I did. Nevertheless, I still enjoyed it.

For a detailed instructions, kindly click here. I’d love to read yours as well, come join in!

3Line Tales 24:My Lover

 Lips as red and as sweet as cherries
I know you more than miss
Stares that says you’re my only bliss

photo by Inma Ibanez


Here’s to another mental exercise – writing a Three-liner! For full details, kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. I may have missed this activity last week due to personal issues but at least I can catch up. Hope you’ll have fun reading as much as I had fun writing.