Weekly Quotes To Ponder 23

I must admit, there are times I’m too stupid to beat myself for my failures and unhappiness. I tend to blame myself and make things hard and complicated. In addition to that, I also allow others to make me feel down or unworthy.


This past few days, I chose to be silent. I did not opened any of my social media accounts. I just allowed myself to unwind from social dramas and be myself and reflect. The quote above would be a constant reminder for me to love myself more, to always see my worth and to not allow others to belittle me or bring me down.


Living in a technology driven world, where most people prefer to live in a sophisticated facade to fit in, it’s hard to be a lone wolf. For me, showing others the real me is both a blessing and a curse. Blessings because it spares me a lot not to pretend to be someone else just to please others giving me the ability to know the people who truly take me just as I am and love me no matter what. Curse, because too many people became indifferent especially when I tell the truth even if it would hurt them. Well, it’s really tough to be a straight forward person without sounding brutal at times. I must admit that finding a word that won’t hurt that much is more than a struggle. But this is me, I cannot have it any other way. And I cannot afford to deceive myself. I thank God for those few people who’s keeping up with me as well as for people who’s trying their best to bring me down for they are making me strong and resilient. Cheers!