Weekly Quotes To Ponder 21

I won’t let this day pass without writing a post for our ‘Weekly Quotes To Ponder‘ feature. I am even excited to share my thoughts about a certain quote I encountered recently while browsing Facebook.


Oftentimes, people would say that if someone really loves a man or a woman they will change their wicked ways or strive hard to be a better person to be worthy of their love or affection. I’ve had that same notion before. I even came to a point where I told a boyfriend that I would definitely end our relationship if he would not stop smoking. This boyfriend of mine did stop smoking (when I’m around). Yes, you read it right. I’ve caught him still doing it. Then I realized that it is useless to threaten him to change for himself, for me, and for us.

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Too often than not, we are quick to judge others and speak ill of them unaware that we are also guilty of the same thing. When I read about the quote above, it reminds me of the truth that the biggest battle that we have to win every day is the battle within ourselves. This quote also helped me to be more understanding of others imperfections and shortcomings. I am now milder to myself and others and I’m happy about it.

How about you? What is your thought about this? I’d be glad if you share it with me. Thank you!