Tokens of Gratitude: First Born Son

I’ve always wished for a son but after I gave birth to my two daughters, I learned to accept that there are things in life that we cannot have and my longing seems to ebb. My beautiful girls got most of their physical attributes from their ¬†father and looking at their resemblance always amaze me.


Life’s full of surprises. I never thought that I would get pregnant after my second daughter turned two, it was really unplanned. I am even taking contraceptive pills those days. At first, my partner won’t approve of the pregnancy and asked me to do something ¬†to get rid of it in the first trimester. He believed that it’s too early for us to have a third child.


4th of July, 2009 at exactly 12:47 am I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy! A dream came true. The very first moment I laid my eyes on him, held his tiny fingers was one of the most amazing and most wonderful experience. I could still feel it even now while I’m writing this post. I’d like to share this fact – my first born son share the same birth date with his father and made my partner adore him more.


Today, I would like to express how grateful I am to Almighty God for giving us an opportunity to take care and love a son. Watching him grow up has made our lives as beautiful as a lovely rhyme.


Another late post from a very busy mother of four adorable creatures. Have a great week to yah all!


The bond between Mother and Son
is a special one
It remains unchanged by time or distance
It’s one of the purest love –
unconditional and true.
It’s understanding of any situation
and forgiving of any mistake..