3Line Tales 17: Wish

Take me to seventh heaven,
Where knows no time nor space
Just a stunning view in my face.

photo by  NASA


Cheers to another week of writing a  Three-liner! And as always, I am delighted to partake in this wonderful mental exercise. This would be more  enjoyable if shared with others. Kindly click here for a detailed instructions  or  simply  visit  Only 100 Words.  Have a great one!

Weekly Quotes To Ponder 17

Hello wonderful people! It’s the time of the week where we ponder about a quote and share our thoughts.

Needless to say, I find it hard to manage my time these past few days and my blog needs to give way which leaves me feeling a little bit of guilt. I feel sorry for not being able to write a ‘Tokens of Gratitude‘ post last Saturday and not being able to answer some comments. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you people that I always appreciate you all reading and leaving comments on my posts.

Last week while checking Facebook, I happened to see my ex-boyfriend’s profile. I saw his wedding photos and some captured moments of his wife and three children. It made me smile. It made me realized the reason why the love that once we had had lost its spark. We’re both destined to live separate lives. I don’t feel any regrets, I am not bitter at all. But I can’t help but say this, I am more beautiful than his wife ha! Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 17”

Sweet Reveries

*Google image

I know not a feel of gloom
Nor have heard of word like doom
Filled with sweet reveries
A face that radiates pleasantries

The care free life
Without an inch of strife
Laughter that makes me cry
Always bring sparkle in my eyes Continue reading “Sweet Reveries”

3Line Tales 16: Reminiscent

Rain pours outside
Thoughts of you driving me so wild
Mixed emotions amplified


Here’s my take for this week’s ‘Three Line Tales’. Kindly check the instructions here. You may want to join the fun and meet amazing bloggers along the way. This is such a wonderful mental exercise!