3Line Tales 18: Playboy

Here’s another week of happy three lining! As usual, I am so excited  to  write and share my  take then read and comment on other’s post.


Cupcakes in sight
Fills me with sweet delight
Like some pretty dames I’d bite


photo by Stephanie McCabe


For  full  instructions, kindly click here or visit Sonya‘s blog, Only 100 Words. Enjoy reading!



Weekly Quotes To Ponder 18


Have you  experienced that awkward moment when you’ve already said ‘What?’ three times and still have no idea what the other person said, then you just agreed? I have, a couple of times. Probably, I am distracted or  I wasn’t really paying attention or maybe I really can’t get his/her point and just spare a nod to get it over with. Damn, whatever the reason may be, whether we accept it or not, it is a sign of disrespect to that person.


When we are saying something especially important matters, we all want others to look at us straight in the eyes, nod, or better yet, give us a feedback. We may or may not be aware of it, but we want others to respect us, our point of views, our needs and wants, as well as the things that make us happy. Giving our loved ones even a spare of our precious times in a day coupled with our undivided attention when they communicate with us is a great way to show how much we love them.




That’s it for our 18thWeekly Quotes To Ponder‘ feature. Have a great week everyone!