Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16

‘Three minutes of anger will sap your strength quicker than eight hours of work. When you are angry, your blood rushes to the major muscles of your arms and legs. Thus, you have greater physical strength. But your brain, lacking its full blood supply cuts down your efficiency. That is why you say things you do not mean and do things which seems outlandish.’  – ANONYMOUS


Let’s face it, we can get angry at times. We tend to do ridiculous things because our reasons or thinking is clouded by intense emotion and before we knew it, the damage has been done. Continue reading “Weekly Quotes To Ponder 16”

When Love Goes South


It’s been a while since I told him the three magic words. Not because I don’t feel it anymore but because I knew that we’ve drifted apart. For the past couple of years though, we managed to live and treat each other in a civil manner, have mastered the role of a good parent to our children and a good husband and a good wife in front of our family and friends. Continue reading “When Love Goes South”

Blogger Recognition & Smiley Thumb Award

Hi there people! This post is long overdue actually. First and foremost, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to my fellow blogger, Sonali Mukherjee who is an avid follower and one of the nicest and sweetest person I’ve known. Her blog – Howling With The Wolf is worth a visit  and a follow, she writes amazing stories,, and I love the way she comments on my posts.



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Tokens of Gratitude: Trials & Difficulties

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I used to ask God to take away all the heartaches and pains in my life so that my happiness will be complete. I’ve prayed so desperately then, but recently I just realized that as long as I live I will always experience such things, so what I ask God these days is to teach me how to accept the things I cannot change, give me strength to change the things I can and find happiness in every circumstances.

Trials, temptations, disappointments
all these are helps instead of hindrances,
if one uses them rightly.
They not only test the fiber of
our character but strengthen it.
Every conquering temptation represents
a new fund of moral energy.
James Buckham

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

This day, I thank God Almighty for all the trials and difficulties in  this life. I will not be this strong in character and in faith have I not encountered these hardships.  May we all see the gems in every adversaries that comes our way. Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!



3Line Tales 13: How Deep?

Sour as it may taste,
I’d wait without haste
Till my love you compensate

photo by Erol Ahmed


Hi there! Writing a three-liner always makes my day. Come join us and have fun reading, writing, and commenting with fellow bloggers. For instructions, kindly click here. Good luck!

The Thin Line

One of my most emotional post. You may want to spare a couple of minutes of your time reading. Thank you in advance!


I’m broken and completely wrecked. I tried to walk away. Yet, he refuses to let me go. And no matter how much I resist him we both know that what lies between us will always stay.


I am no martyr
I tried to be numb with the pain but to no avail
His silence is deafening.
But once he opened his mouth,
You don’t want to listen.
He’s always near but seems so far
He’s drifting away
His heart had gone astray

Once in my life, I came to a point where I have to choose between holding on and letting go. The collision of these two is too painful and seems unbearable, I am on the verge of giving up.  As far as I know, I’ve done too much for someone that the next step to do is to stop. Walk away, move on…

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I Should’ve Seen It Coming

deathHow could someone retrieve a heart that has been pulverized because it has been hammered numerous times? It is beyond possible! That’s how it feels to be betrayed, cheated, back-stabbed, and deceived over and over again.

“When you had someone at his worst, his world only revolves around you. He’s all praises about you, would do anything for you, and is more than willing to understand you no matter how ridiculous you can be. Such an overwhelming feeling, indeed!”

I am sure, most of you would agree that love is the most wonderful feeling we could ever feel in this world (I am talking about romantic love here, for there are various types of love). I’ve been there at the age of twenty-one. What’s so exciting that time is…it was mutual. The kind that would sweep you off your feet, makes you feel like soaring into the sky with happiness when you’re with that someone and a kind of relationship that you would really fight for. I even wished that I could seize each moment when I’m with him.



I’m afraid I will never love someone as much as I’ve loved him.


But like all others, it has been put into a test. Unfortunately, ours met its tragic end. It doesn’t matter who made the first mistake, who cheated first, or who gave up first. It takes two souls to form a relationship and once it is over, both will surely face the pain. One may use self-denial to cope up easily or find someone to cling to fill the void that has been left behind and move on. Others may choose to let things be at the moment, accept what happened, and allow time to heal the wound. Letting go and moving on is hardest when one is so emotionally attached and physically dependent to his/her partner. It feels like you died a million times after the separation. No wonder others resort to self-destruction due to unbearable pain and depression. I almost did, honestly. But the voice inside me kept on telling me that it is not the right thing to do, that though I may not understand it now, in God’s time I will know that it is for the best.






Tokens of Gratitude: Heartaches

Pretending is  not my cup of tea. Showing others that I’m fine and happy when I am not is one hell of a struggle. There were even times when my eyes cannot  disguise  what I really feel inside. But what can I do when the only choice I have is to  be strong, not only for myself but more for my children?

2016-02-21 16.35.30-2

I have been neglected several times,  belittled, never appreciated, always blamed. Worst of  all, it came from someone so dear. I never thought this person would be a prisoner of my past mistakes. If I only knew that he is a resentment-filled brute,  I will never commit that  mistake in the first place. If  only I could turn  back time… Continue reading “Tokens of Gratitude: Heartaches”

3Line Tales 12: Haven

Hurray! I already have a compendium of 3Line Tales here  in my blog. For full details kindly click here or visit Only 100 Words. Have fun in reading or writing a three-liner. Great way to stretch our minds and boost our creative spirits.

Here’s my take:

From dusk till dawn
Never mind where you came from
In your loving arms I’m home


photo by Fabio Rose

Reflection: A to Z Challenge

survivor-atoz [2016] v2

Cheers to a wonderful  experience in writing for A to Z Challenge – April 2016! It was really a fulfilling and enjoyable activity all throughout the entire month. What I enjoyed the most is the camaraderie developed between participants. Writing a post almost everyday and reading other’s work, leaving comments and answering back gave my blog more exposure and garnered me additional blogs to follow. Truly, blog-o-sphere offers a world in the net where people can be who they really are and can express themselves artistically in various writing styles.

My theme is poetry about life or love. Kindly check all my entries here. Of all the poems I’ve written for this challenge, my favorite is the 24th letter of the alphabet:




We all travel in this life
Sometimes burdened with some plight
Our paths, gone out of sight
Aching to see a speck of light

She greets with a sweet smile
Coupled with sparkling eyes
Welcomes guest with open arms
A cup of coffee to keep them warm

Truly she have a heart so stout
Her company extends from North to South
So if you long to find some rest
Go to her house and be her guest!


I would like to express my gratitude to the hosts of this great blogging event. And to all my fellow participants – survivor or not, we all deserve a round of applause because we rock!