My Monthly Memories: May 2K16

flowers1I love those random memories
that makes me smile no matter what’s going on
in my life right now…


My journey this May have been an emotional roller coaster ride. I’ve written few posts compared to previous months but I am proud to say, those were the ones that’s more than heartfelt. It still holds true for me, that the more intense emotion I have the more difficult for me to express it both in words and in action.I think I am starting to evolve in writing. Thank’s to all the blogs I stumbled upon since I started blogging. Aside from the joys of reading articles and poems, the learning, inspirations, and support is outpouring. I must admit that though I am in the midst of emotional turmoil in the past couple of weeks, I still feel good knowing that people from blog-o-sphere can be very welcoming and touching.

Enough for the introduction. This post is a response to a ‘Blogging Event‘ entitled: My Monthly Memories hosted by a beautiful blogger, Basant She. You may also want to check her cool blog, Thoughts of a Socially Anxious Extrovert. Sharing an archive of memories is a wonderful thing.

In my posts entitled When Love Goes South and I Am Misconstrued, I’ve shared a glimpse of my personal life and what I am going through for several years. I am not expecting every reader to feel exactly how I feel or relate with my own experience, if they do, it would be a plus but if not, it’s still okay. I just have to release the negative baggage inside my heart and mind. It’s one of my ways to take care of myself and attain balance.

And before I forgot, I received two consecutive awards from a wonderful blogger, Sonali Mukherjee of Howling With The Wolf. Kindly check her blog, she writes beautiful and touching stories.

I must say, this is still a great month! Don’t forget to read one of my favorite posts, here. I have a feeling that June would be different, in a positive way. Thank you and enjoy!


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