Tokens of Gratitude: Kindness



Truth be told, it is really hard for me to be kind to someone who did me wrong. Especially when this person almost ruin my entire life and future. It is really hard to forgive,  forget and move on.

Hug your haters and
kill them with your

Today, I want to thank God Almighty for the wisdom and understanding.  I’ve learned how to be kind not only to others but more to myself. From being a prisoner of hatred and bitterness, I can now walk lightly with beaming smile, and radiant face. Random acts of kindness no matter how small like forgiving someone who wronged us is never wasted. We may not yet see or get the rewards of our good deeds, in God’s time I’m sure there will be.

Ephesians 4-32


5 thoughts on “Tokens of Gratitude: Kindness

  1. This is especially good–and the Ephesians verse nails it. I confess I have trouble forgiving–it’s an almost daily battle; thankful for God’s mercy and patience with me 🙂

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